In a bid to challenge the societal stigma around sober socialising, ZAG Drinks – creators of the world’s first ‘social soft’ – has launched a campaign to get every bar and pub in the UK to offer an extensive non-alcoholic menu by the end of 2024 to support growing demand from consumers.

Earlier this year, ZAG Drinks polled 2,000 Brits revealing that two thirds (58%) of respondents voted to see more options than traditional sweet soft drinks or alcohol-free imitations of alcoholic drinks offered by hospitality venues.

In light of this data, the pioneering non-alcoholic brand is on a mission to ensure there are a wider range of interesting drink options available for those who want to reduce or cut out drinking alcohol by working with pubs, bars and clubs to educate them on why this shift is necessary.

Commenting on this need for change, Bonnie Hatcher, Managing Director of ZAG Drinks, said:

“Astonishingly, nearly one in three pub visits are non-alcoholic and whilst pubs are recognising the increase in food preferences such as vegan and vegetarians and supporting this with exciting and considered food menus, the same can’t be said for the drinking preference. For those customers not drinking or choosing to cut down, their choice is limited and often an after-thought.

It’s time to answer the consumer demand for more choice in the NoLo market, and ZAG is on a mission to improve the variety and excitement of non-alcoholic drinks menus across the country to match the growing number of non-drinkers, and support pubs with incremental sales from non-drinkers.”

Commenting on the campaign, Beth Mooney, Operations Support for Brunning and Price, said:

“Everyone deserves to be excited by the selection of drinks when they go out, no matter if they are drinking alcohol or not. We know first-hand just how much pubs mean to local communities across the country, yet many are struggling to serve customer’s needs – particularly of those having a non-alcoholic visit.

We’re delighted to be able to address that with a varied non-alcoholic offering, which ZAG has very much championed across several of our venues. We call on other pubs, clubs and bars to join us in supporting this mission to offer better non-alcoholic options by the end of 2024. It’s certainly been working for us!” 

Pioneering the brand new ‘Social Softs’ drinks category, ZAG is the perfect refreshment for when you’re not drinking or cutting back, whilst enjoying a social occasion or eating food. ‘Social Softs’ answers the call for a sophisticated, grown-up drink that does not contain alcohol and is perfect for social occasions.

This November, ZAG is set to launch its second product to market, bringing another blend of  “grown up” flavours to the table.

If you are a pub, club or restaurant interested in extending your NoLo options, visit ZAG’s website to find out more about their mission and how to create a balanced menu:

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