Since launching her business in 2013, aged just 19, Katie Buckingham has helped over 10,000 individuals across the UK fine-tune their mental health offerings and understanding, successfully equipping them with the tools to tackle mental health in the office. Ten years on, businesses need more than training to tackle employee wellbeing, and so Altruist Enterprises is celebrating its anniversary by extending its offering into strategic wellbeing consultancy.

Founder and Director, Katie Buckingham started Altruist Enterprises during her time at the prestigious Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, and has been innovating in the field of mental health training at work for more than ten years. With over 200 years of experience in total, Katie and her team of experts work to ensure their clients empower healthy, motivated and more productive workforces.

To celebrate Altruist Enterprise’s tenth anniversary, Katie and the team are expanding their offering. With the mental health training market reaching a saturation point, Altruist Enterprises is using its extensive experience to provide end-to-end consultancy on top of their existing training services – from an initial audit stage, through to strategy development and implementation.

Katie, an award-winning social entrepreneur, is hoping the development will help businesses to understand the importance of addressing systemic mental wellbeing challenges as she aims to bring a strategic, not just operational, approach in response to changing market needs.

Headquartered in the West Midlands, Altruist Enterprises has partnered with over 500 business, schools, councils, charities, and emergency services, including No5 Chambers, Paragon Banking Group, Ishida Europe, Miss Macaroon and Birmingham Architectural Association.

With an outstanding track record, the company’s experts offer fully customisable yet specialist training, consultancy, and support, from audits and guides to bespoke wellbeing programmes for mental health support.

In a milestone year for the business, Founder and Director, Katie, comments:

“To celebrate 10 years of running any business is an exceptional milestone, but to have nurtured Altruist Enterprises from when I was a teenager through to today is a testament to the strength of the brand, the passion of the people behind it and the obvious need for the service we provide.

“Since launching in 2013, we’ve trained over 10,000 directors, managers, employees, and young people in mental health and resilience skills to make safer, more welcoming environments across the UK – but we don’t plan on stopping there.

“As our experiences as human beings constantly change, so too do employee needs and priorities and it’s important that we adapt to give businesses the right tools and information they need to keep up.

“As we expand our services to include a more strategic approach to health and wellbeing in the workplace, I’m excited for Altruist Enterprises to continue to be a leading voice in advocating the need to look after mental as well as physical health for another 10-years and hopefully more!”

To find out more about Katie Buckingham, Altruist Enterprises, and the services they offer, visit

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