EAST VILLAGE. could not be more excited about being chosen as one of 2017’s SmallBiz100!

A Birmingham-bred business that lives and breathes the second city, we’re proud to be reppin’ B-town on the list. As such, we’re using our place on it to shout about all the other independents doing their thing in the city too.

We want to lead the campaign #SmallBizBigCity, collaborating with our fellow small businesses, and co-operating with organisations, shopping centres, BIDs and other PR agencies alike to collate the list and spread the word.

To signpost people to Birmingham’s independents, we’re creating a foldable map, that starts off as A7 and folds out to become A3. Simple, monochrome, and stylish, the front will read: ‘This might not look like much’, but as the reader discovers when they unfold it, there’s more than meets the eye!

Inside reveals a map of Birmingham with the independent hotspots and people who support them!

The aim of the campaign is to use our Small Business Saturday platform to promote the awesome small businesses across Birmingham… we didn’t want #SmallBiz100 to be just about us, this is us sharing the love!

We want to raise awareness of Birmingham’s thriving independent scene and drive footfall to those businesses. In conjunction with the map, and in the spirit of 100 being the magic Small Business Saturday number, we’ll also run a campaign where EAST VILLAGE. leaves a prize with 10 different retailers to be redeemed by their hundredth customer.

Getting the news out about #SmallBizBigCity should be easy – after all, we are a PR and marketing agency. Not only would we ask the people we’ve collaborated with it on to help us shout about it to their networks, but we will work with press, bloggers, influencers, and the general public too!

We’ve got some really exciting plans so watch this space, but if you want to get involved – either as a business or supporter of small business – get in touch: tara@eastvillageagency.com. 

… and don’t forget to save the date: Small Business Saturday – 2 December 2017! 

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