ViDERE donates state-of-the-art fish tanks to boost NHS staff wellbeing

Leading aquarium design company ViDERE has donated three of its innovative fish tanks to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital as a thank you to key workers for their dedication during the pandemic. The team at the Birmingham-based business wanted to recognise the hard work of those fighting Covid on the frontline by helping reduce stress and boost wellbeing.

ViDERE’s ethos is centred around the principles of “biophillia” and its approach combines natural elements with contemporary design to improve happiness in the workplace. The company specialises in state-of-the-art aquariums, incorporating all aspects of ecology into concept design, product development and project management with a particular focus on encouraging people to feel more connected with nature.

ViDERE founder and aquarium designer Akil Gordon-Beckford explains:

“Anyone who has worked in our hospitals during the pandemic will have experienced stress levels like never before – these are the NHS staff who have been at the sharp end of Coronavirus since March. Our team wanted to thank the NHS staff for the sacrifices they have made by giving them something that would help reduce stress levels and help them smile while they are at work.

“A lot of what we do is about promoting positive spaces and ensuring staff mental health is at the top of the agenda. Research consistently indicates that implementing design features, such as aquariums and other elements of nature, can really help boost happiness. They have a unique way of transforming an environment by adding light, colour and movement; they capture people’s attention and connect them to nature, making them feel calmer and more relaxed.”

The three tanks will be placed in the staff wellbeing hub at the hospital and will feature a 240 litre saltwater aquarium with fish and coral, and two 30 litre desktop aquarium with fish and aquatic plants.

Following the donation of the first three tanks, ViDERE has pledged to help provide more fish tanks to NHS services across the region. To help ensure that these workspaces are offering positive spaces for NHS staff, you can contribute to the cause by supporting ViDERE and its mission via the Go Fund Me page here.

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