Workers in the UK are calling time on office-based drinking, according to data from new studies. As social events often unintentionally encourage excessive drinking – and many companies have cultivated a drinking culture that associates alcohol-based socialising with quicker career progression – more companies in 2022 are looking for healthier alternatives to unlimited beer, prosecco taps or office happy hours for their staff.

Whilst over 25 million adults in England class themselves as regular alcohol drinkers, a Drinkaware survey conducted with YouGov between August and September 2020 found that just 34% of respondents prefer work events that involve alcohol.

ZAG Drinks, a pioneering alcohol-free brand, is on a mission to ensure there are options available for those who want to reduce or cut out drinking alcohol by countering this outdated culture with its low sugar, no-alcohol recipe.

Speaking on the benefits of providing healthier alternatives for employees, Emma Duncan, HR Manager at Annapurna Recruitment commented:

“Our office culture has always been very sociable and whilst our ‘Friday Fridge’ has always been stocked with non-alcoholic options, we have struggled to find high quality alternatives to alcoholic drinks that people really enjoy. Drinks like ZAG, make inclusion within our social events feel effortless, as no one feels like they’re missing out or excluded from socialising.”

Having launched a brand new drinks category known as  ‘Social Softs’ – which consists of less sweet, adult long drinks that aren’t replicating an existing alcoholic drink – ZAG’s low sugar, no-alcohol drink is a game-changer for health-conscious office workers and consumers alike.

Providing a sophisticated combination of distinctive flavours, ZAG’s key ingredients include a complex blend of green tea, cucumber, citrus, mint, kombucha and natural hemp flavouring which creates its unique taste.

Commenting on the shift in consumer behaviour, Managing Director of ZAG Drinks, Bonnie Hatcher, added:

“A recent study, that we conducted with OnePoll, found that almost half (49%) of Brits surveyed would like more non-alcoholic options readily available within social environments. In light of this data, we believe that businesses should embrace creating an inclusive, non-judgemental culture that proactively offer its employees more varied and exciting non-alcoholic alternatives as opposed to sugary, soft drinks or traditional alcohol-free beers and ciders.”

“It’s our mission to take the pressure out of social occasions by offering a healthier, tastier alternative to other drinks on the market so customers can enjoy a sophisticated drink that doesn’t compromise on flavour or make them feel isolated within professional social environments.”

Headquartered in London, ZAG Drinks boasts a one-of-a-kind flavour that’s low sugar, low calorie and completely free of artificial sweeteners. To find out more about ZAG and its products, visit

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