The Zeus Group offers ‘proper’ value with new product range

Birmingham-based e-liquid manufacturer, The Zeus Group is blazing ahead with its new value range of juices, which is promising to be more than 50% cheaper than its leading competitors. The ‘Proper Vape’ range is a new-budget friendly smoking-alternative that doesn’t compromise on flavour or quality whilst offering customers the freedom to have direct control over their nicotine consumption.

Retailing at just £9.99 for a 100ml bottle of juice, Proper Vape combines classic flavour combinations with a no-frills and no-fuss approach; perfect for customers wanting to save money and enjoy rich flavours, without sacrificing the benefits of using proudly British manufactured, high-quality e-liquids.  

The range is available in a variety of juicy flavours including, blueberry bubblegum, berries & grapes and raspberry sherbet. Proper Vape’s ‘just add nicotine’ concept also enables customers to completely tailor the amount of nicotine they add to their juice; therefore, helping them to gradually reduce their intake over time.

Commenting on the new product launch, founder and CEO Paul Curtis said: 

“Since The Zeus Group’s inception, my ultimate goal has been to offer a viable, practical solution for those looking to kick their smoking habit by delivering high-quality flavours and products that offer great value for money.

‘The ‘just add nicotine’ concept marries ease-of-use with unbeatable savings. Not only does it allow our customers to have more control over their nicotine consumption, it also provides the average user with a significant annual saving. Research suggests that for someone smoking 20 cigarettes per day, they are likely to spend around £4,745 each year. Comparatively, switching to a weekly purchase of one 100ml bottle of Proper Vape per week would save approximately £3,545 per year.”

Founded by Paul Curtis in 2011, the Zeus Group is the Midlands’ most successful independent manufacturers of e-liquids, having achieved several notable awards and accolades over the past decade; most recently, the company won ‘Best Branding and Marketing’ and placed second in the category of ‘Best Menthol’, for its Black Reloaded juice, in the 2020 Vapouround Magazine Awards.

From its humble beginnings in Paul’s kitchen to now spanning across two operational units in Birmingham and being stocked in over 700 vape stores across the country, The Zeus Group’s iconic flavour-combinations have grown a cult following, with crowd-favourites including Black Reloaded, The Black, and Dimpleberry.

“One thing we’ve noticed this year is that our customers are increasingly looking for sustained value without compromising the quality and integrity of products over anything else. In light of this feedback, we’re proud to have developed Proper Vape

“With this new range, we can offer incredible value for money year-round and therefore offer customers a consistent and fairly-priced product. As a former smoker myself, I’ve always been passionate about offering accessible and affordable alternatives to cigarettes without impacting flavour or quality, and Proper Vape certainly ticks all of those boxes,” added Paul.

Alongside providing excellent savings with the launch of the Proper Vape range, The Zeus Group is also introducing a subscription service, giving customers the freedom and flexibility to arrange weekly or monthly deliveries of their favourite juices and delivering further savings of 5%.

To purchase your first Proper Vape product and to explore Zeus Group products, head to the website

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