Birmingham-based e-liquid manufacturer, The Zeus Group is firing up to launch a new ‘Just Add’ nicotine range, which gives customers the ability to fully control their nicotine intake. The ‘Just Add’ range is available as both a starter base kit and a value bundle, with both options enabling customers to mix their own juice and determine their ideal e-liquid blend.

Retailing from as little as £14.99, the Just Add range allows customers the freedom to tailor their vaping experience to suit both their strength and flavour preferences. The Just Add Base Kit – which comprises of a 200ml 50/50 VG/PG Base Mix Kit and the customer’s choice of Nicotine Shots – is a ready formulated nicotine-free e-liquid base made from the highest quality ingredients available, for the smoothest and most flavourful vaping experience.

Designed to be used with Zeus Juice concentrates, which are available in five vibrant flavours including Blue Raspberry Ice and Lemon Tart, simply add the chosen nicotine levels and concentrate flavour to the Base Mix, before shaking and vaping. 

Commenting on the new launch, The Zeus Group’s founder and CEO Paul Curtis said: 

“With over one million people quitting smoking cigarettes since the onset of the global pandemic, The Zeus Group has been newly inspired over the past 12 months to continue to both innovate and adapt our product ranges to offer our customers a variety of accessible and easy methods to stop smoking for good.

We’re delighted to unveil our new ‘Just Add’ kits and bundles, which gives the user complete control over their nicotine intake, without compromising on the trademark bold flavours and high quality of Zeus Juice products. It’s a common misconception that vaping is more hassle than simply lighting up a cigarette, so we hope that this ‘shake and vape’ approach helps to dispel such notions whilst also offering a stress-free option for those on their quitting journey.”

Perfect for those who prefer a DIY vaping experience, customers can also step things up a gear, with the newly-developed Just Add Bundle (RRP £21). Featuring all the same components as the Just Add Base Kit, this deluxe outfit also includes a 30ml concentrate and a Zeus Juice build mat, which enable customers to create their own bespoke e-liquid, full of the brand’s signature all-day flavour.

The fully bespoke Just Add options are a first for the Zeus Group, which was founded by Paul Curtis in 2011. Since its inception a decade ago, the Zeus Group has grown to become the Midlands’ most successful independent manufacturers of e-liquids, having achieved several notable awards and accolades over the past decade. From its humble beginnings in Paul’s kitchen to now spanning across two operational units in Birmingham, Zeus products are now stocked in 650 vape stores across the country. Likewise, its iconic flavour-combinations have grown a cult following, with crowd-favourites including Black Reloaded, The Black, and Dimpleberry.

“Since 2011, my ultimate goal – as a former smoker myself – has been to offer a viable, practical solution for those looking to kick their smoking habit. As a company, we are proud to consistently deliver premium flavours and products that are British manufactured, easy to use and offer unbeatable value for money. 

“By giving customers complete control over their nicotine consumption with the ‘Just Add’ nicotine concept, we hope to make their journey to being smoke-free easier. As they’re free to go at their own pace, they are therefore more likely to successfully quit smoking permanently,” added Paul. 

This latest launch of the ‘Just Add’ range follows a host of blazing success achieved by The Zeus Group during the past 12 months, including its other most recent product range, Proper Vape, exceeding its 6-month sales expectations within the first 8 weeks of launching alone. 

To purchase your first Just Add product and to explore other Zeus Group products, head to the website

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