Harvested from organically grown hemp in the USA, CHOICE is set to take the UK by storm as its online store launches this week. With an increasing number of people turning to CBD oil to help aid various ailments and with reports showing over six million adults have used CBD products, it’s no surprise that more and more people are making the choice to try CBD for themselves.

This new high-quality CBD oil contains specialist terpene blends and only the finest ingredients. CHOICE offers customers six different types of oil; Natural, Orange, Mint, Repair, Relax and Energise, all of which are tailored to help with different lifestyles and needs. Using only natural and commonly found terpenes, CHOICE uses those associated with energy boosting, relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties creating unique blends for the Energise, Relax and Repair oils. 

This new CBD company guarantees the highest quality in every bottle, all of CHOICE’s products have a certificate of analysis carried out by a third-party laboratory which are published on their website. The certificates enable customers to not only trust their choice, but also offers detail into the magic behind each bottle.

What’s more, not only is each one rigorously examined, but all of CHOICE’s products are cruelty-free, vegan and palm oil free. This means that customers can rest assured that they are not only safe and effective, but also guilt-free. 

Studies into the effects of CBD show that this natural alternative can help with improving wellbeing, such as anxiety and sleep deprivation, and with the ‘new normal’ causing many increased strain on their mental health, the founders believe there may be no better time to try. 

Danielle Waller, Brand Director at CHOICE, comments:

We are so excited to be launching this fantastic new brand in the UK, which we hope will help more people to lead happier, healthier and pain free lives. CHOICE is a premium brand which has been carefully crafted to offer customers a natural and safe CBD solution. We know that this will be a welcome addition to the UK’s existing CBD market, taking the quality of what is available currently to the next level.

“For those new to CBD, or curious about its potential, I encourage you to give CBD oil a try, and see the results first hand. We’ve got plenty of products to choose from, so we’re confident that there really is a choice for everyone. We can’t wait for people to try our products and let us know what they think!”

The CHOICE products retail from £29.95 and can be purchased in 10ml bottles with a strength of up to 20%. The premium oil is taken by dropping it directly under your tongue after each meal. For best results, customers can use the dosage guide feature on the website to determine the best dosage for them.

To find out more, or to buy a CHOICE CBD product, head to the website here:

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