Following a year that will be remembered for great loss, internationally renowned artist Temper returns for 2017 with a collection that celebrates cultural icons loved and lost. From Bob Marley to Pablo Picasso, the Timeless works capture the essence of these much missed personalities through an intricate use of spray paint.

Celebrating 15 years since The Good Die Young collection took the art world by storm, Temper has taken the concept of commemorative portraiture that first won him a global audience fifteen years ago.

“The Good Die Young was such a pivotal factor in Temper’s career to date, we could not let this fifteen year anniversary pass without making available fifteen new originals to mark the occasion. The work is spectacular, and I have every confidence that Timeless will live up to its name; we will still be talking about this concept for years to come.” – Glyn Washington, Creative Director, Washington Green Fine Art Group Ltd.

Never content to stand still, Temper has upped the ante with these portraits. Without the use of stencils or masking, working solely freehand, he achieves incredible and precise detailing that is remarkable – no mean feat when his medium of choice is spray paint that leaves the can at circa 130mph. He has further pushed himself by working on smaller scale canvasses that demand a sure and confident hand as the smaller the surface, the less room for error. Further, he has worked tirelessly to perfect a means of applying paint in a way that guarantees longevity for his works; another nod to the ‘timeless’ quality for which he strives.

“As an artist, I prefer to see a painting that captures the soul of the subject, rather than something that’s just picture perfect…you need these challenges to keep evolving as an artist, and I believe that the Timeless collection embodies this.” – Temper

There is a somewhat haunting undertone to this artist’s success, in that many of his best works have been born from grief and personal struggle behind the scenes. Yet, the Timeless collection shows the progression of Temper as he goes from strength to strength. This is an integral part of the artist’s mind-set, who has ‘Out of darkness cometh light’; Wolverhampton’s motto tattooed on his arm. Never far from sight, has this acted as a stark reminder of the human ability to triumph over adversity.

Therefore, with Birmingham’s motto ‘Forward’ in mind, it seems apt that there will be a private viewing at Castle Fine Art in the Mailbox on the 9th February. The display of the Timeless collection in the city of Birmingham links well to Temper’s own evolvement and that of his art, and will be available to view until Sunday 26th February 2017.

“Both our galleries and their clients have been crying out for another Temper collection since we released Popcorn in 2015. Following discussions with Temper, we were all in agreement that our Castle Fine Art gallery in the Mailbox was the ideal location in which to unveil Timeless, as his profile here is already so high and the people of Birmingham have truly taken him to their hearts.” – Ian Weatherby-Blythe, Group MD, Washington Green Fine Art Group Ltd.

This body of original work is supported by hand-signed limited edition publishing, available to purchase from Castle Fine Art and Castle Galleries nationwide. Prices start from £795 mounted and unframed, and from £995 for framed.

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