Life After Lockdown: Returning To Work In The New Normal

As the country continues to ease itself into the ‘new normal’ with the reopening of shops, bars and restaurants, companies large and small are looking to begin welcoming their staff back to the office space with a phased return. While this may be welcome news for some who may have found it difficult in adjusting to working from home, leading West Midlands mental health charity, Living Well UK is focusing on helping those whose may be experiencing concerns or worries around the transition. Qualified in integrative psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural psychotherapy, Holly Beedon, clinical lead at Living Well UK, has


Living Well UK - Live chat Mental Health Support

With social distancing and self-isolating now forming our new norm, so too are meetings over Zoom, hangouts on HouseParty, and FaceTime chats with family. However, whilst this provides us with ways to stay connected, it’s presenting a rising challenge in the form of ‘phone anxiety’. Recognising this as a barrier preventing people from asking for help, Living Well UK has today debuted its first live chat function: connecting people to trained therapists via instant messenger. The chat box – which has been funded by the Tesco Bags of Help grant, administered by Groundwork UK – can be found on the