With at least another three weeks ahead of us in isolation, many businesses are adapting to new working methods to make ends meet. Turning towards social media as a vital tool to boost their profile, as well as building and reinforcing connections, brands are taking to new platforms to reach new audiences. Lindi Mngaza, Managing Director of Explode Social Media, has been at the forefront of helping businesses adapt to these changes, and is now sharing the key trends that have developed during lockdown so far…

Since the start of lockdown, and with people spending more time on their phones than ever before, platforms including Facebook and Instagram have seen a significant rise in daily usage. In the last month alone, apps including TikTok and Instagram have had a 75% increase on #ad content from influences, proving that there has never been a better time for brands to use social media to their advantage in order to keep their businesses afloat.

And thanks to video calls and live options, social media giants Facebook and Instagram have seen a 40% increase in usage with many teaming up with influencers to get their content both seen and heard. 

However, whilst having a page is a start, Lindi stresses that with a rise in profiles, there is a corresponding spike in ‘noise’: people panic-posting, rather than considering what information will be engaging, sharable, and interesting. Whilst posts created are likely to have a greater reach due to user time increasing, if brands are putting out too much, without getting enough engagement, then it becomes more likely that their posts won’t feature on timelines again.

Lindi suggests combatting this by using this time to invest ad posts: brands and businesses have seen an encouraging rise in sales, despite having to adjust their selling methods due to the current circumstances. 

“There has been an encouraging spike in general sales since lockdown was introduced. We have clients in the nutrition and food industry that are selling 10 times more than they normally would through sponsored ads via Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn,” commented Lindi.

And it’s not just sales that have increased, some brands have put the effects of speaking about COVID-19 to the test by using it as an opportunity to spread the word about themselves and the services that they offer. Lindi continues: 

“Brands that have talked about COVID-19 and how their businesses are responding to it from day one have done really well because they addressed the situation and how it was going to affect them sooner, rather than later. Those that chose to see the virus as an opportunity to sell their products and services at home have managed to stay afloat and ahead of the curve through clever use of social media.

“However, brands who have seen the virus as a barrier and not discussed it on social media might have alienated some of their customers. Social media is a key tool for all businesses and there has never been a better time to use it to ensure that your brand makes it through what is set to be an incredibly challenging few months.”

However, amongst all the negativity that brands and businesses may be experiencing, Explode Social Media continues to support its clients with its key services, which have led to some positive results. Lindi comments: 

“We designed an immune booster pack and post for one of our clients, Biohealth, which sells health products and supplements. The pack was filled with a selection of their products, and needless to say, it sold out!”

Based in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, Explode Social Media offers a wealth of services from influencer outreach to account management. 

If you want any more information, or would like to talk about what Explode Social Media can do to support your business during this challenging time, give them a call on 0121 338 0209if you need any extra helpor visit its website by clicking here.

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