It goes without saying that whilst the Coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented crisis, we’re all looking for answers, nonetheless. The advice is changing daily, which means that businesses are having to adapt quickly, but when we look to our European neighbours – particularly Italy and Spain – we can anticipate some of the measures that will come into place across the UK. Public fear, hospitality venues being told to close, gatherings (small and large) being discouraged and banned… this all means the coming months will be challenging for us all. 

With footfall not coming through the door, revenue will suffer, which means that your future will be in the balance. As a fellow small business, and a supplier to so many hospitality businesses who will be worried about “what’s next?”, we want to do all that we can to work together and ensure we get through this.

With that in mind, TeamEV is sharing some advice and best practice that can help ease some of the burden around this period of uncertainty. We are working with brands, big and small, and think the key is for everyone to come together and find ways to keep the hospitality industry alive. This might be a temporary state of affairs, but we get how worrying it is. 

Click here for our advice and ideas for hospitality businesses facing months of uncertainty:

Most importantly, and we would say this as a PR agency, don’t stop everything… it may help your immediate cashflow worries but without some kind of marketing in place you will struggle to ease the pain of this situation. If you have a PR agency, speak to them about how to manage both of your cashflow – reducing days but still working together, for example – as you’ll be in a better position if you communicate openly and honestly with one another.

In light of all of this, we appreciate that not everyone has a PR agency or even an in-house “team” to help. Therefore, EAST VILLAGE. is offering hospitality businesses a free brainstorming session to come up with a plan of action to help you move forward. No tricks, no T&Cs and no obligations… we just want to use our expertise to help the industry survive because we care about businesses like yours and if we don’t help you, we don’t have a future either. 

Get in touch if you want to have a chat about the ways that you can prepare for the coming months:

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