Known for its epic signage services for brands such as McDonald’s, Westfield, the NEC Group, and Cineworld, Hollywood Monster has undergone a monster makeover of its own with an extensive rebrand. The company has worked with branding agency ORB to bring its ethos to the forefront of the brand; asking the people behind the logo to tell its story, the new-look identity focusses on Hollywood Monster’s human side and the commitment of its workforce to its clients.

In order to get to the heart of the brand, ORB’s strategists immersed themselves in the Hollywood Monster experience. Back in January, the team explored the 30,000sq warehouse, speaking to all 70 employees one-to-one to gauge what the brand meant to them. Complete with drawing board sessions with the internal teams and collecting testimonials from Hollywood Monster’s clients, ORB pieced together the puzzle that made up the true identity of the company as pictured by those who know it best.

Commenting on the process, ORB’s Head of Brand Management, Jodie Price, said:

“It was an eye-opening experience but one that was incredibly insightful. From conducting the interviews, it was clear that what sets Hollywood Monster apart from its competitors is its people, some of whom have been on board since the inception of the family-run business. Customer service is one of Hollywood Monster’s strongest assets, which is why the job was about so much more than remaking the logo and changing the colour themes; instead, we went to the heart of the company, developing key messages and brand guidelines that focus on people, not products.”

The year-long project completed in last month and was unveiled at a special retail thought leadership event, attended by some of the retail industry’s key players. Complete with 6 hanging banners, a suspended dye-sub light box, measuring 4 by 2.5 metres, and 230 sq. metres of vinyl, the warehouse’s monster makeover took three specialist teams 5 hours to install. This included the piece-de-resistance: the assembly of 2 large elevation halo illuminated Hollywood Monster signs above the door to welcome in guests.

The brand has been redesigned to match signage and graphics that the company creates; big, bold, and confident. The result is a new visual identity, complete with a revamped logo, brand stamp, proposition, website design, and key message set. Swapping pink and purple for more striking red, yellow, and blue hues, Hollywood Monster’s new colour palette is bright, playful and bold. The typography features fonts NJ Bold and Gotham, both of which are simple but striking. The chosen typefaces and colours bring a dynamic and smart brand to the forefront of the industry.

Speaking about the fresh take on the brand, Simon McKenzie, Hollywood Monster’s Managing Director said:

“We are extremely proud of our new look, and we have received praise from clients, partners and employees. It is so important for us to stand out from the crowd in our industry and now we have a brand that truly sets up apart. It captures everything that makes us different and stays true to our heritage, while also keeping us current. This identity and brand will last for many years to come.

“Changing our brand has been no mean feat. We’ve had a complete website re-design, making it easier for clients and prospect customers to understand the full scale of what we do. Added to that, our entire factory floor has had to change, as well as vehicle livery, marketing materials, team uniforms, and anything else where the Hollywood Monster original brand once stood. It has been a pretty epic challenge but one that we’re so proud of to mark a new dawn for the business,” concluded Simon, who was announced as the business’ new managing director in August this year.

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