January Blues are already in full-force: the remnants of the Christmas selection box tempt you from the cupboard; your lunchtime salad is sub-par; and you’d much rather have an after-work date with a gin than the gym. There’s nothing to be jolly about in January… apart from the fact that you can opt for top aesthetic treatments to get your ‘New Year, New You’ resolutions ticked off ASAP. Thanks to the experts at EF MEDISPA Edgbaston, you can side-step the spinach smoothies and bid farewell to fad diets, in favour of cutting-edge treatments, sure to fight fat, reduce wrinkles, and leave you feeling fresh.

So, where to start? We caught up with the EF MEDISPA team to find out the trends that they believe will boom in 2018:

Better than a close shave…

Did you know, the average woman shaves 7,700 times in her entire lifetime, and the average man shaves 20,000 times? Ouch! Luckily, EF MEDISPA has a solution to that, and it looks to be a hit for 2018. More people are choosing the laser over the razor as laser hair removal takes centre stage for 2018. Laser hair removal is simple and effective, as the procedure permanently eradicates 90% of unwanted hairs. So, if you’re searching for silky smooth legs for your summer holiday, or simply just want to improve your overall body confidence, laser hair treatment means you don’t have to worry about the chore of shaving right before you leave the house.

The procedure was EF MEDISPA’s most popular treatment in 2016 and 2017, and the experts don’t expect to see this popularity slow down. EF MEDISPA is leading the laser hair removal industry, offering the latest hair removal technology with the Soprano laser. This impressive bit of kit can be used on most skin and hair types, delivering immediate, pain-free reduction results from just the very first treatment!

The ‘micro’ treatment with the BIG impact

The perfect little something to have up your sleeve is this season’s hot topic: microneedling. With famous faces such as Angelina Jolie and Naomi Watts among its fans, these treatments involve tiny needles delivering a direct hit of intense vitamins and minerals to the lower layers of the skin, in order to stimulate new cell growth and encourage the production of collagen. These versatile treatments tighten sagging skin and heal stretchmarks and scars. Safe, painfree, and taking only 30 minutes, it’s one of the celeb secrets to a plumped-up complexion. EF MEDISPA Edgbaston offers three different microneedling treatments, able to cater to everyone’s needs (and budget!) – Derma Stamp and Dermapen are two of the options but the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the treatments is Microfirm, which tightens, lifts and removes scarring, making it a highly effective, non-surgical alternative to a face lift, ideally suited to all skin types and tones.

Prejuvenating the young

Who said aesthetics treatments are just for the older generation? There has been a recent surge in the number of younger people, both men and women, who are interested in the non-surgical skin treatments. Thanks to celebrities, influencers and their endless amounts of flawless selfies, treatments including the QuickLift, LED Luminous lift, as well as facials and peels, which are all designed to treat common skin complaints like acne and scarring, are all on the must have list of beauty treatments this year.

Treatments for the modern man

Men may only account for around 10 per cent of cosmetic procedures carried out in the UK today, but more men than ever before are open to the idea of having a little ‘work’ done. The male market for aesthetic, cutting-edge treatments is on the rise with many now wanting to try out different treatments to get their desired look. There are myriad game-changing procedures now available to men, from hair-regrowth treatments to anti-wrinkle face treatments.  The stigma of men having these treatments has significantly depleted, so EF MEDISPA Edgbaston predicts that hair removal and filler procedures are going to look particularly appealing to the male market throughout the year.

EF MEDISPA Edgbaston franchise owners, Dal and Harchie Basra commented on the current trends for 2018:

“We’re really looking forward to seeing how the predictions for the medispa industry pan out for us here in Birmingham. As the trends suggest, we’re hopeful that more of the male demographic will be visiting us to try the treatments we have available.

 “Our biggest bet is that 2018 will see even more men than last year undergoing treatments to make them feel that little bit more confident. With new, innovative treatments and technology becoming more well-known and understood, thanks to the internet and the media, we’re certainly stepping in the right direction of removing the stigma from men who want to change their personal appearance or visit a medispa for a pick-me-up.”

 For more information on the range of treatments available at the EF MEDISPA clinics and to book your free consultation, visit the EF MEDISPA website.

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