Student property company Purple Frog has decided to let democracy pave the way when choosing the new name for its latest apartment block. The recently refurbished residencies are currently called Oyinlola Apartments, however in keeping with its revitalised interior, the experts at Purple Frog thought it was only right that it had a brand-new name to match.

This has led to the creation of a public poll, which had over 300 votes cast in just 3 days. There are currently six names battling it out to be crowned the winner, and only one day until the poll closes. The shortlist was compiled by Purple Frog’s tenants and retailers, and closes tomorrow at 12pm.

Voters have the tough choice between: Lily Pad Lofts, PurpleOne, The Pond, The Manor, Dempsie Tower (after Nottingham actor Joe Dempsie who plays Gendry in Game of Thrones) and Rickman House (after the late Alan Rickman, who played the Sheriff of Nottingham in Kevin Costner’s blockbuster version of the Robin Hood story). The current front runner, ‘Lily Pad Lofts’ is only ahead of ‘The Manor’ by eight votes, so it is all the play for.

The mastermind behind ‘The Manor’ is student Matthew Michael, who alongside his mates is rooting for his name to be chosen. Explaining the reasoning behind the choice, Matthew said:

“Talking about ‘The Manor’ just became a joke amongst some us moving in, after a mutual friend mentioned it by accident and wouldn’t explain what it meant. We later realised it originated from a music album by grime artist Kano called ‘Made in the Manor’, and we kept using the manor in reference to our hometowns. Then when we saw the competition, we thought, we can actually live in ‘The Manor’.”

The competition is still wide-open, with the poll even having an option for voters to submit a different name. Alternatives have already started to roll in, including ‘Toad Hall’, ‘Housey McHouseface’, and ‘Eric’. The winning name will be ceremoniously revealed on Friday and will be adopted as the property’s legal name, registered with the land registry and the council to make it the building’s official name.

The NG7 site consists of 15 self-contained apartments, each with four or five bedrooms, purpose-designed for students. The fully-furnished apartments have all the amenities that students could need and are located a stone’s throw from shops, cafés, bars and clubs.


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