EAST VILLAGE. is an agency centred around team culture, putting people at the heart of everything we do.

We’re dedicated to keeping our business both accessible and diverse, through internships, apprenticeships and full-time roles.

Our flexible working approach means that we’re well-placed to create and offer career opportunities that are more inclusive. From young people starting to explore potential careers and students searching for internship opportunities, to job seekers transferring their skills to new roles and experienced PR professionals looking for their next move.

Everything that we do has our TeamEV Charter in mind – the blueprint for how we act as a business and the positive policies that hold us to account.

Through our Grow Your Own initiative, we want to ensure that we’re making PR accessible to people of any age, gender, sexual preference, ethnicity, cultural belief and background. We want to remove as many barriers to entry as possible when it comes to PR internships and career opportunities, and ensure that we offer both work experience and permanent roles to a wide talent pool.This includes removing minimum qualification requirements, offering flexible roles to fit in with parental and caring responsibilities, making considerations for physical and learning challenges, and accepting applicants with a previous criminal history.

We believe that opportunities should be there for everyone and we want to lead the way when it comes to PR being a much more responsible, diverse and accessible industry. From working in schools and communities, to offering paid for internships, Grow Your Own is how we commit to making our agency a more accessible place for everyone.

Our Vision

At the heart of EAST VILLAGE. sits the vision to create a better world. We want to represent brands who have great values at the heart of their everyday operations and place them in front of people who care, through communications with impact.

EVPR Mission

Our Mission

We want to change the headlines with headlines that change the world. Moving away from divisive clickbait, our aim is to tell stories that matter using our signature PR with personality. We want to inspire people to take action, helping to grow our clients’ businesses through great storytelling.

EVPR Values

Our Values

• Putting people at the heart of what we do
• Telling stories that matter
• Inspiring action through great storytelling
• Trusting our instinct
• Creating an agency for a modern workforce


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