This month will see London’s St Christopher’s Place become home to the ‘Illuminati Neon’ exhibition, as the Castle Fine Art gallery hosts the high-lauded collection by artist, Mark Illuminati. The collection will be exhibited until 27 October and will include pieces starring Bowie, John Lennon and even, HRH Queen Elizabeth II. 

Rooted in the birthplace of Punk, Illuminati Neon takes inspiration from the vibes of West London to create artwork that lights up and enlightens the whole world. The highly detailed artwork uses vintage flags, distressed wood, neon flickers and each features hand-placed gems. Each piece of the Illuminati collection is bespoke, and the neon glass is hand-blown to the highest standard using a centuries-old technique.

All of Mark Illuminati’s original artworks are hand-painted using acrylics or oils and embellished with jewels and gold leaf. The finishing elements create complexity within the piece and make each unique, with some of the pieces known to have up to 2,800 jewels. Alongside the gems, neon lights and painted portraits, the collection features different punk messages, taken from iconic song lyrics through the ages.

The collection, which has hit the headlines recently, is most known for its queen-themed pieces, which have even been commented on by HRH Queen Elizabeth II herself. Illuminati Neon can be found in many collections worldwide, with collectors such as Sir Elton John, Sting, Boy George, founding member of The Sex Pistols, Paul Cook, and actor Danny Dyer. 

Ian Weatherby-Blythe, Group Managing Director for Castle Fine Art galleries, said:

“The Illuminati Neon exhibition is a must-see for any art enthusiasts and collectors, with the original pieces proving extremely popular with A-listers across the world. The joining of portraits, textures and light in each piece makes every one bright and bold, creating the most wonderfully head-turning results. We are so pleased to be hosting the exhibition at our St Christopher’s Place gallery and look forward to showcasing an amazing collection.”

Illuminati Neon Art Originals and hand embellished prints are now available at Castle Fine Art. Prices start at £1,495 for original pieces and from £725 for prints. More information can be found on our website www.castlefineart.com

Jodie Tipper