In a time where distance and digital learning has never been more important due to the on-going effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Oxbridge is continuing to pave the way in remote education by turning any room into a classroom and giving learners the chance to retrain, educate and upskill during these uncertain times. With years of experience in honing the power of the internet to unlock potential, the distance learning college is sharing its key tips to help others reap the benefits of remote working.

While the college continues to run its wide variety of courses that people can learn from in the comfort of their own home, Matt Jones, founder and managing director at Oxbridge has comprised some of his top tips that have enabled him and his team to thrive.

To help businesses that are finding it hard to adjust to a new way of digitalised working, Matt says:

These are challenging times for businesses and employees, but there are some key measures you can take to secure confidence in your line of work. At Oxbridge, we’ve been practicing flexible working since day one and it’s the reason the college is thriving, but making the transition can be a big jump. However, it doesn’t have to be hard!”

He says that the most important element to making it work is trust. Maintaining good relationships is key to have within teams, no matter how big or small they may be. Not only does it help keep everyone on the same page, even when they’re not in the same room; but it helps to empower employees and get the most out of distanced working, as well as boosting morale even when times get tough.

You could run daily team video conference calls, starting the day with a motivating message and answering questions then and there so that everyone is on the same page. This may seem like something Steve Jobs was doing 20 years ago, but it works for a reason: it can increase the drive of every employee ten-fold just by maintaining value and connection,” Matt adds.

While Oxbridge is skilled in championing distance learning through the use of technology, Matt explains that providing employees with the correct digital tools that are easily accessible will enable your team to thrive. That being said, it’s important to pick and work with the platform that works best for your business.

Another reason our team thrives when working from home is because they’re empowered in their role with the tools they need to succeed. It’s important to decide on the technology you need to stay connected and implement those systems across the board. With the right tools, you can manage flows, monitor progress and share essential updates,” says Matt.

Flexibility is also something that will allow for more relaxed and calmer working environment, Matt continues:

“Our learners are fully equipped to study from home with the assurance of unlimited tutor support because our tutors have the flexibility to work in their own time. We live in an era of instant gratification but that’s not a bad thing.

“Fast responses from our tutors enable our students to finish their course on their own terms, so if they’re enrolled on a 12-month course, they can finish it in three months if they want to. And our tutors, many of whom are parents, can manage their every-day life caring for children whilst dipping in and out of assignment-marking, emails and student support. It’s a win-win for all involved,” says Matt.

Making sure that you’re taking measures to become more adaptable is also something that Matt believes will help build on both loyalty and work ethic, adding:

Personalising or adapting learning experiences to suit different needs has improved the outcome for people with dyslexia and specific learning difficulties. We simply listen to them and make the necessary changes, printing course material on yellow paper or changing the font typeface and size.

With a 97% pass rate, our student success relies on a passionate and happy team, motivated learners and flexible study/working conditions. Remember, trust, connection, and adaptability. Businesses will thrive if they approach these changes as an opportunity to strengthen their team, all from the comforts of home!”

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