With GenZ swapping condoms for birth control, are barrier methods becoming a bit old hat? Mo Carrier, founder of male condom brand MyBliss, doesn’t think so. In an effort to stop the younger generations from discounting condoms, she shares her personal experience and how they’ve enhanced her sex life.

When the three main responses to the question “How do you feel about using a condom?” are “embarrassed”, “childish” and “promiscuous”, it’s no surprise that 1 in 10, 16–24-year-olds have never used a condom.

A quick trip to Boots turned into a wave of embarrassment when taking a garishly coloured condom, labelled with ‘ribbed for her pleasure’ to the counter. In a market saturated with condoms seemingly made only for men – both in marketing and packaging – it’s easy to understand why so many women rely on hormonal contraception.

Mo Carrier is on a mission to change this epidemic of embarrassment with MyBliss offering a sleeker, more stylish approach to protection. The brand was born following her long battle with hormonal contraception when the insufferable side effects left her with no choice but to make the move to condoms.

In a bid to encourage more women to explore the hormone-free contraceptive market, she reveals how condoms have transformed her sex life:

My libido doesn’t suffer

“When I was first put on the pill, the doctors (and late-night google searching) had prepared me for the mood swings, headaches, bloating and acne, but I had no idea it would impact my libido. I can’t fault the pill when it comes to preventing pregnancies, but within just a few weeks, the cocktail of hormones being pumped into my body meant I experienced a loss of spontaneity and desire for sex.

“It’s thought that hormonal contraception – particularly the combined pill – lowers the amount of testosterone in our bodies and, as the hormone responsible for making you want to have sex, it’s understandable why this can lead to a reduced sex drive. After researching this, I know I’m not alone; as many as 15% of women taking hormonal contraception have experienced reduced libido!”

It put an end to my UTI’s, once and for all

“Most women have experienced the pain of a UTI at least once in their lifetime. I too was confused when I’d followed all the rules after sex: I peed straight after, drank litres of cranberry juice and stayed hydrated. But after a quick google search of ‘Why do I keep getting UTI’s?’ I soon learnt that not using condoms is a reason many women suffer with these pesky infections.

“Condoms act as a barrier, stopping sperm – which is alkali – disrupting the vaginal PH-level and protecting it from infections. However, it’s important to ensure you choose condoms that aren’t spermicide-lubricated. This is why MyBliss condoms were specifically designed to be spermicide-free; I want women to be able to have worry free sex without being punished with an agonizing UTI that puts you out of action for days!”

Anxiety free sex  

“I’ll admit I’ve been a little lackadaisical with contraception in the past. After having condom-free sex, I was often battling with the ‘what-if’s’ that ran through my head. I just felt too embarrassed to interrupt the moment with ‘Can we use a condom?’ I wanted him to enjoy it too and, in my head, condom-free sex was synonymous with good sex. But hearing that I had contracted chlamydia from my partner at the time was enough to scare me into using a condom every single time I had sex. While working a condom into ‘the moment’ can feel tricky to start with, you need to remind yourselves that an STI or unwanted pregnancy is an even bigger interruption in your life!”

It feels so much better

“Over 17% of women aged 18-50 experience vaginal dryness and hormonal contraception can be the culprit of this, as it changes oestrogen levels and reduces blood flow to your tissues. Not only did coming off the pill balance out my hormones, but the extra lubrication condoms provide prevents friction-induced irritation which can lead to infections. What’s more, the silicone oil makes for a more pleasurable experience being extra slippy and allowing for full penetration.”

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