Leading distance learning college, Oxbridge, is paving the way for future heroes, by encouraging its students to use their credentials for their communities. Oxbridge has called on its learners to support local charities across the globe, using the skills they’ve learnt from their syllabus; already, over 30 students have pledged their support to causes pro-bono.

One such example is Marissa Robinson, who recently completed her Mental Health Awareness Level 2 course. Whilst studying, Marissa used her skills to volunteer with charities, mentoring children and befriending families going through tough times.

Marissa also started a Christmas card campaign to battle loneliness in the festive period, which involved getting local schools and the general public to make cards addressed “to someone special”, before delivering these to a variety of people but mainly the elderly in are homes and those facing homelessness.

Speaking of her experience, Marissa commented:

It’s been such a fulfilling experience to be able to use the skills I’ve learnt to help people who are struggling. When I first selected my course, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in counselling, but to have been able to begin this journey while still studying pushed me to work even harder to get my grades: I know now that this is what I’ve always wanted to do!

Following in Marissa’s philanthropic footsteps, Chris Middleton – a Life Coaching course graduate – used his lessons to become a public speaker. In this capacity, Chris has supported and inspired those from less advantaged social groups, offering his services for free to schools and charities.

Oxbridge’s longstanding belief is that humanity needs to remain at the heart of what it does, this drive is designed to spread kindness worldwide. The home learning service offers over 200 courses and sees its students originate from across the globe, so the aim is to make a difference in as many places as possible.

Simultaneously, it hopes that the initiative will equip the students with the real-life skills, knowledge, and experience to succeed in the world of work. The online learning provider’s courses are nationally recognised to be amongst its most outstanding – from certificates in Learning Difficulties and Dementia Care and short courses in Reflexology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

This is the latest addition to Oxbridge’s extensive portfolio of charitable projects: from using eco-friendly materials and setting up recycling schemes; to getting involved with charities, such as LoveBrum and the Buddy Bag Foundation.

Matt Jones, Managing Director of Oxbridge, says:

“Here at Oxbridge, our mission is to shape the futures of our learners through education and encourage them to give back to society through what they’ve learnt. It’s amazing to see how many of them have embraced our ethos and volunteered their time and skills to such worthy causes.

“We’re always striving to do as much as we can to help our communities – whether that’s by offering advice to local start-ups or raising money for our affiliated charities – and it’s great to see that young students are following in our footsteps in new and inventive ways.” 

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