At EAST VILLAGE. we believe that the values of a business lie in its values as a business, and that’s why our Vision, Mission & Values are way more than buzz words… they’re at the heart of everything we deliver.

Our Vision

At the heart of EAST VILLAGE. sits the vision to create a better world. We want to represent brands who have great values at the heart of their everyday operations and place them in front of people who care, through communications with impact.

Our Mission

We want to change the headlines with headlines that change the world. Moving away from divisive clickbait that only drives us apart, we’re flooding the media with stories that empower people to take action in their own lives and have a greater positive impact; helping to grow our clients’ businesses as we go.

Our Values

EAST VILLAGE. believes that the value of a business lies in its values as a business and that’s why we’re committed to putting people at the heart of everything we do. As an agency centred around team culture, our values are built into the fabric of our day-to-day actions; directly and positively impacting our team, clients and the communities around us by:

  • Inspiring action by delivering purpose-driven communications
  • Focusing on results using a blend of expertise, insight and instinct
  • Empowering brand owners to reach their growth goals through impactful PR, marketing and events
  • Building an agency for the future by driving innovation and embracing change
  • Placing people at the heart of what we do, understanding what makes them tick and speaking to their needs
  • Telling stories that matter; moving headlines away from negative click-bate and into positive messages about how we all have a greater positive impact on the world
  • Creating an agency for a modern workforce, fostering an environment where everyone feels they belong


Our Vision, Mission & Values are lived in our everyday operations, in the way that we work together as a team, drive growth for our clients, and support our communities. This is what we refer to within The TeamEV Charter; a breakdown of how and why we do what we do. Click here to read how we focus on diversity & inclusion, charity & the community, and working with ethical and sustainable brands. As well as being a responsible, Real Living Wage employer that puts the team’s mental and physical health at the top of our priority list.