One-day workshop to encourage 13-18s to Strut to Success

Genelle Aldred

On Saturday 25 January 2014 Strut to Success will be holding its first Brand New, Brand You one day workshop for young women aged 13-18. It is designed to help teach them some of the soft and necessary life skills that schools often do not get the time to teach. The workshop will help them expand their view of themselves, their dreams and the world they live in. As well as boosting their self-esteem and helping them to find female role-models outside of family and friends.

Across four sessions the young ladies will learn to think in a new way about their own personal brand and how the things they do, say and wear affect the world’s perception of them. How to behave in unfamiliar social settings and occasions. They will learn about public speaking and how to conduct themselves on social media. Most importantly they will be given the tools to help them achieve their goals and continue on a path of learning and self-improvement.

Young ladies who have taken part in other Strut to Success workshops have seen a difference in their lives. Some have gone on to receive merits from school after all-round improved behaviour. Some have gotten the confidence to get jobs. One key worker even went on to finally sell her house, although she was just sitting in to observe the session! We get results, we get young ladies and women strutting to success.

The workshops will include the following themes and subjects:

  • Brand New, Brand You! – Confidence, self-esteem, dreams and goal, brand you
  • Fabulous Darling – Grooming (including personal hygiene) Dressing for success. Make-up, skin care and hair tips. Including a healthy diet.
  • Speaking Up and Out – Communication and presentation skills, Networking skills, workplace and Social settings. Social media. The world we live in. Politics. The news and current affairs. Community work and charity
  • Strut Ye into all the world – Unlocking your potential, taking what you’ve learned forward. Being a bolder you.

These workshops will be led by Strut to Success founder Genelle Aldred and Jamie Johnson. Two dynamic women who have experienced real life struggles and have real life stories. They have achieved great things and are still setting big goals for the future. Genelle, Jamie and Stephanie want to help other women to dream and achieve too.

Genelle Aldred is an entrepreneur who holds a Masters in Broadcast Journalism. She has over six years’ experience in the media working for the BBC and ITN. Genelle has worked as a news reader, weather presenter and reporter as well as a researcher and producer for documentaries across television, radio and online. Genelle also owns an online boutique and an artisan food range, as well working with individuals on their presentation, communication and social media skills. She started Strut to Success after feeling there was a gap to be filled for young women who may need extra support in defining what their goals are and going after them. Helping women to realise their potential is Genelle’s inspiration.

Jamie Johnson holds a Bachelor of the Arts in Psychology and is also one of the Pastors and founders of New Creations Ministries along with her husband. She has been recognised for her work as a mediator with people in gangs, as well as having many years of experience working within the probation services with high risk offenders. Jamie is currently studying nursing and plans to do clinical research in the areas of palliative care and cancer. Helping women find their purpose is Jamie’s passion. Through her work with female offenders and women involved in gang-life Jamie saw first-hand that some women need help to find their social identity, develop confidence and build their self-esteem.

As well as the workshops there will group work and lots of opportunities for the young ladies to get the chance to speak with Genelle and Jamie and find out more about they got through their challenging times and ask questions.

The whole day is just about helping young women to see how dreams mixed with determination and hard work is a recipe that helps you get to where you want to go. It is about helping them to be all they can be.


  • Date: Saturday 25th January 2014
  • Time: 1030 – 1600
  • Venue: 38 Smith Street, Newtown, Birmingham, B19 (Note: this is at New Creation Ministries, however this is not a religious event)
  • Cost: £5 + (£1 booking fee)

Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite.

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