Europe’s number one on-demand wellness service, Urban, are teaming up with the Jennifer Young School Training School to offer oncology massage as a brand new service available to book via its app. Launching this week, a number of Urban’s specially certified therapists be able to offer bespoke massage treatments suitable for those who are either suffering or recovering from cancer.

Many people who are undergoing or recovering from cancer often experience ongoing fears or concerns. Whether they’re feelings of isolation, anxiety, worry, or even delayed emotions, this time period is one where extra indulgence and pampering is required the most. With post-diagnosis treatment few and far between, Urban’s Oncology massage is a treatment that hopes to be a memorable and transformative experience for patients.

The Oncology massage is delivered by some of Urban’s professional practitioners, who have all obtained a post-graduate diploma from the Jennifer Young Training School. An accredited and certified qualification, therapists learn about the biology of cancer, and the many aspects of the treatment, in order to deliver a safe and enjoyable experience. 

The massage will offer a touch therapy style of treatment: in touch therapy, practitioners use their hands to manipulate and direct the flow of energy throughout your body in order to promote healing and decrease pain in certain areas.

The Oncology massage treatment is proven to have a range of benefits for individuals. Research carried out by the Jennifer Young School of Training found that, pain intensity, pulse rate, and respiratory rate were decreased significantly after a patient received the massage. As well as this, there are many benefits, including: a decrease in physical discomfort, group fatigue, and mood disturbance, reduced depression and hostility, as well as improved sleep quality.

Jack Tang, CEO of Urban, comments on the introduction of the Oncology massage to Urban, saying:

“We’re so pleased to be teaming up with the Jennifer Young Training School to help launch the Oncology Massage service at Urban. For those who are either receiving cancer treatment or have gone through it, we understand that it can be a time where something such as massage can provide some sort of relief from the fears and concerns that individuals may experience. However, with many practitioners being unqualified to offer such therapy, it can be hard for those individuals to find, or even feel comfortable with a massage.

“A key mission of Urban is to make sure that wellness is accessible for everyone, especially to those that need it most. We’ve always had requests for Oncology massage, but due to holistic therapies being harder to access through the NHS in the last 18 months, we’ve seen those requests increase and I am thrilled that we’re finally able to offer this treatment, thanks to the expert training provided by the Jennifer Young Training School.”

Jennifer Young, founder of Jennifer Young Training and Beauty Despite Cancer, also added:

“All the therapists I have ever met have been deeply caring individuals who want to help people wherever they can. It’s heart breaking to have to turn someone down for a treatment when they are going through a hard time because you are not insured or trained in the appropriate protocols.

By bringing oncology touch treatments to cancer patients in the privacy of their own homes, Urban is helping to make it easy for individuals to get the comfort and support that they need without feeling different or defined by their illness. I’m thrilled to be part of the work they are doing.”

To find out more about Urban’s Oncology massage, visit its website or download the Urban app: https://urban.co/en-gb/  

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