Nicole Loves… ‘Five Cool Baby Brands you Haven’t Heard Of.’

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EV’s mum-to-be Nicole shares some of her favourite under-the-radar baby must-haves:


Finding out you’re pregnant is the most exciting (yet scary) time of your life. There are so many books, websites and blogs dedicated to giving FTM (that’s first-time-mums for those of you not familiar with netmums acronyms) the solutions to weird – probably slightly inappropriate –  questions, that all the answers seem to be just a google away. So when you start shopping for baby bits, it’s easy to steer towards the big brands and household names that your Mum, and her Mum before her, swore by. After hours spent scanning Instagram feeds and trawling through Etsy pages, I’ve picked out some baby products and brands that are a little off the beaten track, but hidden gems within their own right.

Wolf and Bear –

When I discovered I was having a baby girl, I immediately began breaking out in a hot sweat at just the thought of pink bows and frilly smocks. If you’re anything like me, and traditional just isn’t your #thang, you need to check out Wolf and Bear. Created by self-confessed surf widows, this beautiful brand is inspired by a love of the beach and travel. Using sustainably sourced cotton and incorporating simple designs with bold fun graphics, Wolf and Bear is perfect for those beach bums looking for a stylish alternative to those ugly bonnets and dodgy knitted cardigans (sorry Nan).

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Zachee Designs –

“Yes honey, a crib bumper is a necessity and yes, I really do need one”: the battle that has been going on in my house for the past week. With boyfriend finally succumbing to my pleas (ok, that’s I lie, I just ordered it anyway), I finally have my hands on one of these beautiful braided crib bumpers. Handmade by Zachee Designs, these natural linen crib bumpers make a gorgeous addition to any nursery. Specialising in the softest linen baby bedding, crib bumpers, baby nest and accessories, this Estonian brand was a little gem I found on Etsy.  The only downside is that postage can be quite spenny – just make sure you don’t tell your other half that part!

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Fact + Fiction –

Your other half is probably asking why you need another bag when you’ve got one in every colour for every occasion stockpiled in your wardrobe. A changing bag is totally different from every other bag you’ve owned before, it’s essential that it fits your needs as well as fitting in all the essentials. Combining style and substance, Fact + Fiction bags are all about the multitasking and the multifunctional; ideal for the #mumlife. Originally designed with gym bunnies in mind but now adapted for mommas, the bags feature upright bottle holders, breathable nappy compartments, are easy to attach to a pushchair, have space for a changing mat (which they also sell to match) AND have water resistant linings make them fully wipable – a must for those sticky situations. These bad boys are extremely popular so often sell out at lightning speed so you’ll need to get signed up to their waiting list to make sure you’ve got yours before you pop! 

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Hex & Rose –

Those midnight dummy recovery missions are no more thanks to the dummy clip: a round of applause please for which ever god send of a mother invented the idea. Although a blessing, dummy clips aren’t always the most aesthetically pleasing and the ones that look half decent often feature small beads – which are probably very safe but still a worry. Introducing the Hex and Rose macramé dummy clip. Handmade in a boho-chic style, these totally trendy clips can hold a whole range of products – teething rings, dummies, sippy cups and toys. They can be attached to baby’s clothing, blankets or prams and will ensure you don’t lose precious items.

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Bagel Face UK –

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If you’re hooked on crochet, you’ll go crazy for Bagel Face. The brain child of a dedicated crochet designer, Bagel Face specialises in the cutest crocheted baby accessories. Bunny and bear inspired bonnets and booties, the designs are simply too cute to cope with. All items are handmade to order, making them even more special.

So for all the mummies to be, the mummies who are and the mummies to come, check out these super cool brands for your baby – I hope you love them as much as I do! And if you have any recommendations of your own, please let me know- any excuse to buy more baby things!


Hattie D'Souza