The Lower Precinct car park in Coventry city centre has been granted the Park Mark® Safer Parking Award.

Nicola Cormell, the Shopping Centre Manager, said “We are delighted that Lower Precinct car park has reached the standards required by the Scheme, as it means they’re now delivering safer parking for the car park’s visitors.”

The Park Mark® Safer Parking Award is given to parking facilities that have achieved the requirements of a risk assessment conducted by the Police and the British Parking Association. Lower Precinct Shopping Centre and Car Park has put in place measures that help to deter criminal activity and anti-social behaviour, thereby doing everything they can to prevent crime and reduce the fear of crime. The Safer Parking Scheme is an initiative of the Associations of Chief Police Officers (ACPO/S), aimed at reducing crime and the fear of crime in parking areas.

Car parks with the award can use signage featuring the distinctive Park Mark® tick, so that drivers know exactly where to go for safe parking. Certain parking facilities that have received the Park Mark® Safer Parking Award have seen a drop in vehicle-related crime of over 80%.

For customers, using a Park Mark® Safer Parking area means that the area has been vetted by the Police and has measures in place in order to create a safe environment.

This initiative is much needed, as vehicle crime accounts for a high percentage of all crime (up to 20%) and it is estimated that 22% of vehicle crime occurs in parking areas.

There are almost 5,000 car parks with the Park Award throughout the UK. To find your nearest Park Mark car park visit www.parkmark.co.uk.

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