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As a team of storytellers, TeamEV can’t help but admire brands who tell their stories well. In the latest ‘EV Loves…’ Holly shares why Glossier
Evolve Social Enterprise Lead Taylor Barrett
Evolve has created its first Social Enterprise Lead role and is welcoming long-serving team member, Taylor Barrett, into the position. With two cafés, three years
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The Masters phase is awkward – you’ve (almost) grown out of student life but you’re not termed a young professional just quite yet. I’m currently
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By Becky Weaver Right now, it’s hard to predict where we’ll be in three weeks’ time. As I’m typing this from my makeshift office in
In light of the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic, the world of work has never seemed so uncertain. Despite emergency government support being pledged to ease the
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By Tara Tomes Well, there’s certainly no doubt that the past week has been different… unsettling, challenging and anxiety-inducing. We are living in, what has
After launching an urgent appeal last week, Heart of England Community Foundation has received almost £80,000 to support local communities across the region during these
Mike Bullard
The Butchers Social, that once began life in an old butchers’ shop in Harborne, has gone back to basics amidst the coronavirus pandemic in order
The world is waking up to find itself in an unprecedented situation: with governments urging offices to adopt working from home where possible, advising against
Heart of England Community Foundation, the region’s leading supporter of community projects and local charities, has launched an urgent appeal in the midst of the
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By Becky Weaver There’s no easy way to say that COVID-19 is having a huge impact on us in every possible way. Not only has
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It goes without saying that whilst the Coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented crisis, we’re all looking for answers, nonetheless. The advice is changing daily, which