A brand new app connecting businesses with local communities in the Jewellery Quarter has been launched, marking the first BID-led, fully integrated smart app to be available in Birmingham. DiscoverJQ – which is available to download via the App Store and Google Play – will enable users to unlock exclusive offers, events and more within the Jewellery Quarter.

The DiscoverJQ App has been built using Loqiva, a digital town hub platform, which is currently being deployed across the UK to help local businesses drive footfall with smart technologies and to provide town managers with place analytics.

Users of the DiscoverJQ app – which has already received over 700 downloads during its launch week – can fully personalise their app experience by creating profiles and filtering content to suit their bespoke interests and needs. Registered users will also get access to exclusive offers from local shops, bars and restaurants, as well as information about events, news and updates from the BID, and real-time travel and weather information.

Commenting on the app’s launch, Marketing and Communications Manager for the JQBID, Steve Lovell, says:

“After many months of planning, we’re so excited to finally be launching the DiscoverJQ app! The premise of the app is simple: to connect our growing resident base and regular visitors to the Jewellery Quarter’s thriving independent scene via a user-friendly platform.

“If we’ve learnt anything from the last 16 months, it’s that we can’t underestimate the power or value of technology and its role in futureproofing the high street. As we navigate post-lockdown measures, we’re confident that DiscoverJQ will make the Jewellery Quarter more accessible to visitors than ever before.”

Alongside optimising the guest and resident experience of those visiting and living within the Jewellery Quarter, the app has been designed to benefit the area’s thriving independent business scene. Local hotspots will be able to create business profiles within the app, enabling them to promote seasonal offers, secret sales and much more to loyal customers.

With the pandemic and the impact of multiple lockdowns leading more businesses than ever before to explore new ways of connecting with customers, Marcus – CEOat Loqiva – is confident that the DiscoverJQ app will help local businesses to successfully navigate a post-Covid future:

“Our platform will help Jewellery Quarter businesses to connect with customers in real-time by creating a multi-faceted user experience. Utilising in-app notifications, intelligent place recommendations and exclusive offers which can only be claimed on business premises, we’re certain that the DiscoverJQ app will help to drive footfall.

“We’ve loved working with the JQBID team and we are proud to be launching our technology in Birmingham. Looking ahead, we already have a number of innovative features in the pipeline for the remainder of 2021 and beyond, that will bring businesses and their customers even closer together – watch this space!”

To download the Discover JQ app, head over to the App Store or Google Play:



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