Uniting cutting-edge processes, a combined century of experience, and a presence in six continents, today KIS Global launches into the market, establishing itself as one of the largest players in the digital identity credential industry.

Pioneering print technologies that are rooted in years of expertise, KIS Global is setting out on a mission to revolutionise the card personalisation and identity management solutions industry, supported by quality Japanese engineering and a knowledgeable team of industry experts.

Headquartered in Germany, but with a base in both the UK and Japan already, KIS Global is intent on bringing security and efficiency to businesses worldwide. Offering Swiftpro® products & services, including SwiftCredential™ Software Solutions, the business sees its role growing to be instrumental to both government to citizen ID and the financial instant issuance market.

At the helm of leading the international team of industry specialists, CEO of KIS Global, Uwe Ludwig believes that KIS Global will be a game-changer in the identity management solutions sector. He comments:

Today marks the start of a new dawn for the industry as I truly believe that there is no other company on the market with the approach, commitment, and resources as KIS Global. Using our combined experience of over 100 years in this field, we are introducing our SMARTTM approach to developing a network of exclusive partners who share our sentiments.

“Our focus is on implementing digital identity credentialing solutions – from national IDs, driver’s licenses, and passports, through to physical and logical access control projects – that take a whole of life cycle approach. My team at KIS Global possesses a complete understanding of this complex and ever-changing market, and we look forward to working in partnership with our channel partners.

Following its innovative SMARTTM business methodology, the company believes its results will provide huge opportunities for education, corporate, finance, government, transport, healthcare and retail sectors alike. KIS Global’s SMARTTM operation model sees the combination of: Single partner distribution; Market solutions; Alliance network; Retransfer capabilities; and Trusted Japanese engineering.

With retransfer technology sitting at the crux of its model, KIS Global believes this core engine sets it apart in the field and allows it to deliver reliability, security, versatility, innovation, durability and quality for its clients, time and again.

The world find itself in unprecedented times, and business around the world are looking for ways to reinvigorate their respective markets. At KIS Global, we pride ourselves on working with trusted partners and creating strong alliance networks to drive mutual business growth and a supply of high-quality products that empower the success of businesses. It is this that makes us certain that we are the change the security solutions industry needs,” concluded Uwe.

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