Technology in education is moving fast and is now reaching far beyond smart boards and remote learning. As we move into the final three months of this decade, leading distance learning provider Oxbridge has been recognised for its pioneering approach to education; transforming the traditional approach taken by a bricks and mortar classroom, Oxbridge is paving a new path, integrating intelligent algorithms and advanced technologies in to e-learning platforms.

Let’s face it: the education sector isn’t usually the earliest adopters of new technology. Digital innovation in education tends to move slower than some other industries – but it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Recognising the changing landscape, distance learning leaders Oxbridge have been acknowledged for innovative techniques and advances in technology as part of 2019’s cohort of Innovation 50.

There are many digital transformation trends in education that are taking off in pockets across the country, Oxbridge being one of them. Education software, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are some of the innovative learning models and technologies that are changing the rules, with Oxbridge at the forefront of this digital revolution.

Over the past year, Oxbridge has been researching and building virtual tutors to support learners from home who need it the most. It’s also continually optimising its online personalised learning platform, adding resources that enable learners to get the best out of their course materials to achieve success.

Oxbridge focuses on employing small, achievable and impactful innovations; listening to learner queries and acting on them. One small but worthwhile change was the introduction of coloured backgrounds, which has made a dramatic difference for those with dyslexia, and the college is proud of its interactive microlearning, which lets learners dip in and out of their course on any device without feeling overwhelmed.

As an early pioneer of eLearning, Oxbridge’s founder and managing director, Matt Jones, has been riding the digital wave, actively participating in its evolution. On a mission to steer clear of stuffy textbooks and old-fashioned teaching styles, Matt’s aim is to make online learning more human, accessible, and easier to accomplish than ever before.

Matt does this by setting benchmarks in course design, employing practices that simplify content, such as microlearning and machine learning to detect ‘at risk’ learners. These innovations enable students of all learning styles to digest information much more easily to gain vital numeracy, literacy, and ICT skills.

Along with its unlimited tutor support offering, internal funding, and focus on STEM, Matt and Oxbridge are setting achievable goals that lead to real results and better prepare people to enter the workplace.

Matt comments on these brand-new innovations in education and predicts the trends of the future.

“Over the past decade, we have seen enormous transformations in how we do business and how we live. The field of education is no different and its global landscape continues to shift remarkably. The pace of technological change is moving rapidly, and the education sector must stay aligned in order to keep up with learners’ expectations.

“We aren’t even beginning to scratch the surface of the education potential in everyday tech. We are already taking huge leaps within personalised learning for adults, but this needs to feed down to the younger generations – which is potentially a game changer for those kids needing more personalised learning moving forward.”

Oxbridge has been acknowledged for its innovative techniques and advances in technology as part of the Innovation 50. Innovation 50, compiled by Mills & Reeve was launched in response to the Midlands rising profile on the global business stage with businesses like Oxbridge now on a global stage. The report highlights innovative success stories from across the region and features 50 businesses across a variety of different categories.

Matt continues: “Innovation runs through everything we do at Oxbridge, so we are so excited to have been named as part of the Innovation 50; a report that really showcases creators and innovators across so many different sectors!”

View the full report by Mills & Reeve here. For more information about Oxbridge and what they do, please visit the website.

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