One of Harley Streets most innovative clinics has opened a brand new MediSpa in the heart of Birmingham at the Marriott Hotel. Offering groundbreaking non-surgical solutions, G-Labs specialises in avant-garde aesthetics, health and wellbeing focused around DNA and genetics testing.

Pioneering Biochemistry, the MediSpa is where science and technology meets haute couture. G-Labs’ revolutionary non-surgical solutions are created by clinical professionals who are thought-leaders in their field, dedicated to our clients and to their goals.

G-Labs clinicians identify and treat issues, not limited to but including weight management, skin conditions, lifestyle performance levels, health and wellbeing. G-Labs’ signature precision begins with genetic and DNA testing and analysis. These results provide a unique prescription for everything about a client; growth, development, maintenance – the list is endless. G-Labs prides itself on understanding that the solution to a clients’ concerns will be as unique as their Genetics & DNA, as no two people have the same metabolic make-up.

Consultation followed by testing and analysis provides the clinicians with a detailed overview to identify what is going on within. Hence, G-Labs makes the invisible visible and develops specific solutions to treat issues; whether acute, chronic, severe or mild.

Having successfully operated at world-renowned Harley Street, G-Labs was founded on a passion for Biochemistry by Elizabeth L. Lawrence:

“Originally hailing from Birmingham, I am absolutely delighted to be returning to my home city to launch the G-Labs brand. It has been a fast-paced couple of years for the team, with the growing success of the Harley Street clinic and the recent opening of our Los Angeles clinic. I’m really excited about the MediSpa at the Marriott; it is a fantastic hotel and I know that it will be the first of many MediSpas outside of London,” she said.

“My interest in skincare began at the ripe age of 15, and throughout my studies and early career I have focused on nutrition and Biochemistry. Integrating these principles with the expertise of the G-Labs’ back office team – including medics from the US – we have created something that will revolutionise the aesthetics, health and wellbeing industry. The ethos is simple; “only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible.” We use science and technology to get to the root of clients’ issues and help to solve them. I firmly believe Florence Nightingale’s concept; “put the patient in the best care of health to recover and nature will do the rest – as a doctor’s job is to remove obstruction.” Hence, biochemistry holds the key to understanding and maintaining lifelong changes,” she added.

G-Labs testing covers a wealth of areas including allergies, anti-ageing, bacteria, cardiovascular, cravings, degenerated cells, dental, digestive, disease, fat cells, fatigue, psychological, physical, respiratory, scarring, skin, toxins, glucose sensitivity, hormones, immune system, food intolerance, neurological, inflammation, nervous system, and many more.

The G-Labs MediSpa at the Marriott launches this week offering G-Labs’ signature 360˚ DECODED programmes:

  • Testing & Analysis
  • Priority Treatment Programme
  • Weight Treatment Programme

Each of the programmes begins with testing and analysis, which clinically identifies areas of concern and shapes effective treatment solutions. Elizabeth continued:

“Aesthetics, health and wellbeing treatments shouldn’t be a ‘one size fits all’ approach. G-Labs tailors your treatment to suit your DNA, which means that it’s not only effective but your results should last a lifetime. We look at the real you; your lifestyle, your genetics and your DNA to obtain the results you want to see and feel, by getting your body to its optimum level.

“Our DECODED programmes are a great introduction into the realm of possibilities for bespoke treatments, products and services. We’ve had phenomenal success in LA and the UK – with clients travelling from far and wide – and I’m excited to replicate this success in my home city. Our team deals with such a wide variety of issues including weight management, skin conditions, fatigue & lifestyle challenges and so much more. If you have any concerns, come and see the G-Labs team to turn your challenges into triumphs.”

G-Labs is founded on chemistry and the principle that all things in existence are characterised by a formulation of molecules, and there is only one element separating the chemical make up of human beings from that of a diamond. With this in mind our philosophy is that each client is more precious than Rubies, Diamonds, Platinum or Gold.

Appointments are being taken for the G-Labs MediSpa; visit www.g-labs.co.uk or call 07810 313 846 for more information and to book a consultation.

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