This past summer, I had the privilege of taking on my part of a unique journey by undertaking my very own “grow your own internship” opportunity at East Village.

I can confidently say that this experience not only made my summer truly memorable but also played a vital role in shaping my future career aspirations.

From day one, the East Village team extended an incredibly warm and welcoming environment, making me feel like an integral part of their dynamic work environment. Their support and guidance were unwavering throughout the entirety of my internship, and I couldn’t have asked for a more encouraging and nurturing atmosphere in which to grow and learn.

During my time at East Village, my primary focus was on the social media aspect of PR and marketing, a field that has always fascinated me. I had the privilege of working on various projects, each offering its unique set of challenges and learning opportunities. What truly set this experience apart was the level of responsibility I was trusted with; I had the chance to manage my own projects, allowing me to put my skills and creativity to the test.

As a result of this internship, I acquired a multitude of invaluable skills and hands-on experience that I can seamlessly integrate into both my academic endeavors and future career pursuits.These newfound skills and perspectives have not only widened my educational journey but have also opened up exciting career options that I hadn’t previously considered. While developing these skills I was able to be in the most comfortable environment with creative, thoughtful and passionate people.

Overall, my “grow your own internship” experience at East Village was nothing short of transformative. It enriched my skill set but also broadened my career prospects. I will forever be grateful to the supportive team at East Village for this incredible opportunity and the mentorship I received. As I continue to pursue my studies and explore the endless possibilities ahead, I am confident that the lessons and experiences from this internship will serve as a strong foundation for my future plans.

Thank you Team EV!

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