Great Western Arcade’s culinary experts have fulfilled every foodie’s fantasy, as Anderson & Hill has become Brum’s first and only stockist of both black and white whole truffles. With Loki Wine’s carefully-curated selection of beverages just opposite the coveted treat, GWA has secured its name as a gourmand’s dream destination, bursting with city-wide exclusives. Anderson & Hill’s latest delicacy is in high demand: known for its pungent scent and unique flavour, truffle products have become a head chef’s best friend. However, now you can join the crème de la crème from your own kitchen, with Anderson & Hill selling them whole at £50 a piece. Farmed in northern Italy, these truffles are sniffed out by dogs as opposed to pigs, before being picked and packaged to be delivered straight to the delicatessen. The same supplier also provides one of the Birmingham’s Michelin-starred restaurants, but Anderson & Hill remains the only retailer of the fancy fungi in the city.

Will Johns, owner of GWA’s truffle treasure-trove, said: “We’re always on the lookout for the best ingredients and these truffles are simply too good to resist. Whether they’re shaved on top of pizzas and pastas, infused into oils, or blended with honey, they are unrivalled in their scent, taste, and texture.” Commenting on his top tips for cooking with truffles, Will recommends scoring the top of a wheel of camembert and adding a spoon of truffle honey to it, before baking it in the oven. “The hint of garlic from the truffle coupled with the sweetness of the honey offsets the tanginess of the camembert. It is a sure-fire dinner party pleaser,” he said. Fancy trying it for yourself? Don’t forget to pair it with a complementary wine from Loki Wine. To create a match made in heaven, the sommeliers suggest JH Meyer Wines’ Chardonnay: the signature handcrafted wine is natural, unrefined, and unfiltered, as well as being one of only 1333 bottles produced. To get your hands on it, look no further than Loki Wine, the region’s only seller of it.

To top off your dinner party, Loki Wine has yet another exclusive up its sleeve. The store is also the only retailer to offer Just Gin, the first quartet card game in the world to have Birmingham’s favourite spirit at its heart. Following the simple rubric of top trumps, Just Gin is every juniper-lovers dream. What’s more, many of the game’s featured gins can be found on the shelves of Loki Wine, including Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin, Copperhead, Tanqueray No. 10, and Martin Miller’s. So, foodies, go forth and discover the hidden treats that GWA holds. Anderson & Hill’s truffles are currently sold whole on a pre-order basis, with a complete range of truffle products available in store. Loki Wines extensive collection of wines, beers, and spirits is available to taste and to take home.

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