EV Yearbook 2021 – Jodie Tipper

Quote: One more drink?!

What’s been your favourite marketing trend of 2021?

Tik Tok has been my favourite marketing trend this year. Though it gained its popularity in the height of lockdown last year, I think that this year brands have really capitalised on it and have bought their companies to life with fun and exciting video content. 

Your favourite cultural moment?

The return of ABBA! Everyone knows how much of an ABBA fan I am, and I’m so excited for their return, and of course, the 2022 tour!

Fave EV moment?

The Big Birmingham Bake! We had such a fabulous time there, and me and Hattie won – do I need to say any more?!

Favourite film/television series of 2021?

There’s so many to choose from, but I really enjoyed In the Heights. Me, Hattie and Holly went to watch it in the cinema and we all had the BEST time. I then proceeded to play the soundtrack every single day – I was obsessed. It’s just such a feel-good film! 

What’s a song that will always remind you of 2021?

Taylor Swift – All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) … obviously the 10-minute version. Wow. Red has been my car CD since the beginning of time, and it’s so great to now have Taylor’s version. The new album has meant I’ve re-lived when I was 15 all over again, and will truly always remind me of 2021.

What was your favourite purchase of the year and why?

I have bought quite a few gig tickets which I’m super excited for. This year I saw Blossoms, and now I have tickets for The Kooks, ABBA and Leeds Festival for next year (a wild mix) and I cannot wait for them. I’ve really missed live music during COVID. 

What’s a valuable lesson that you’ve learnt this year?

Not so much a valuable lesson, but this year I think I’ve learnt to enjoy every day by even appreciating just the small things! I felt that we’d lost out on so many memories in 2020, so this year I downloaded ‘1 Second Everyday’ and have taken a video/photo of something every single day so that I know that I’m capturing a happy moment or memory from my day. 

Sum up 2021 for you in 3 words.

Busy! Tiktok. Family.

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