EV Yearbook 2021 – Holly Young

Quote: “Does anyone want a Starbucks?”

What’s been your favourite marketing trend of 2021?

The return of guerrilla marketing – AKA street stunts that translate well into viral content. From Summer Walker’s Still Over It hard drive challenge to the international Red Light Green Light tour for Netflix’s Squid Game, there have been so many great moments in pop culture this year. I think ‘experience-led’ market is a trend that won’t be dying down anytime soon and I’m excited to see what 2022 brings!

Your favourite cultural moment?

Taylor Swift officially embarking on her re-recording era: Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and Red (Taylor’s Version) took material from over a decade ago and breathed a brand new life into her work. The only thing that sells better than sex is nostalgia, or cohesive world-building, and I love that Taylor has truly reset the game with this approach and sparked a whole new conversation around artists owning their own work. 

From her winning a third, historic ‘Album of the Year’ at the Grammy’s to her long-awaited collaboration with Starbucks and most recently, the ten minute version of All Too Well breaking a 49-year-old record in America, it’s truly been the year of Taylor Swift.

Fave EV moment?

Coordinating the launch of Treetop Adventure Golf Birmingham with Hattie – it was my first real experience of event organisation and taught me so many different skills. Plus, it was one of the first post-lockdown projects I worked on, so will always remind me of new beginnings and a great summer!

Favourite film/television series of 2021?

My favourite TV series has to be Maidwhich is available to stream on Netflix. Based on a true story, it stars real-life mother and daughter Margaret Qualley and Andie MacDowell and shines a realistic, unflinching light on breadline living, emotional abuse and trauma bonds in modern day America. Despite the heavy subject material, it was a really engaging watch and is the perfect series to binge over Christmas.

What’s a song that will always remind you of 2021?

This is actually super difficult – but if we go based on my Apple Music ‘Replay’ (sorry, Spotify fans!), it’s a tie between Good Days by SZA and champagne problems by Taylor Swift.

What was your favourite purchase of the year and why?

Plane tickets to Paris – I am BEYOND excited to be finally going abroad again!

What’s a valuable lesson that you’ve learnt this year?

To be more trusting of myself and my judgement. 

Sum up 2021 for you in 3 words.

Chaotic / Self-love / Growth

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