EV Yearbook 2021 – Hattie D’Souza

Quote: “TQ TQ”

What’s been your favourite marketing trend of 2021?

I’ve really enjoyed the rise of brands interacting on a human-level. From M&S Romford team’s wholesome TikTok content; to Duolingo’s slightly more insane personification of its owl mascot as a terrifying over-lord: seeing brand accounts come to life in a new way this year has shaken up the potential for social media like never before.

Your favourite cultural moment?

Probably the fact that the #FreeBritney movement actually worked, seeing her conservatorship come to an end. As a child that spent many a break-time perfecting the Oops I Did It Again moves, I remember thinking Britney was the epitome of grown-up cool, so to have seen her treatment over the past few years, before finally receiving justice – and autonomy – feels like a win for 90’s babies everywhere.

Fave EV moment?

Oh, how do you pick just one?! I really enjoyed winning our award at the Downtown in Business Awards. It was the first awards do to be back in ‘real life’, with the best of Brum and #TeamEV. out in force, so it felt like getting back to a bit of normality!

Favourite film/television series of 2021?

Hmmmm, can I choose 90 Day Fiancé (and all of its spin-off series?). No? Okay, well then probably In The Heights, which was made even better by being on a cute cinema date with EV.’s very own Jodie and Holly too. Very wholesome!

What’s a song that will always remind you of 2021?

drivers license – Olivia Rodrigo 

What was your favourite purchase of the year and why?

My number one, absolute fave (and absolute reason for 90% of my mental breakdowns), Pepper. That crazy pooch has made 2021 a rollercoaster!

What’s a valuable lesson that you’ve learnt this year?

That even when the chips are down, there are always people who have your back ready to help build you back again stronger. Oh, and if Jodie suggests that getting another piercing will be fun… it won’t be. 

Sum up 2021 for you in 3 words.

Could’ve been worse!

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