EV Yearbook 2021 – George Jessup

Quote: “Is ‘Hey Jude’ by Take That?”

What’s been your favourite marketing trend of 2021?

An interesting development, this year, has been more brands delving into virtual landscapes with in-game collaborations. From Pandora launching their new line of contemporary jewellery in Animal Crossing to Balenciaga’s Fortnite DLC, it’s been fascinating to see household brands hopping on the hype and marketing in digital gaming spaces. 

Your favourite cultural moment?

Squid Game! Not because I personally found it a ground breaking piece of television (don’t come for me), but because it has accentuated foreign drama to a more generalised Anglo-audience. It’s so refreshing to see more people enjoying subtitled dramas from overseas.

Fave EV moment?

Going to Treetop Adventure Golf! It was my first social with TeamEV and even though golfing may not my strongest suit, it was such a fun time.

Favourite film/television series of 2021?

Wandavision! I’m not even a Marvel fanboy, but I just found the concept of these characters being trapped in a ‘sitcom world’ so intriguing. It’s definitely worth a watch imo. 

What’s a song that will always remind you of 2021?

Probably Tion Wayne- Body (Remix), purely for Ardee’s verse being one of the most popular Tik Tok sounds of the year. In terms of my own personal music taste, DJ Khaled’s ‘BODY IN MOTION’ will always remind me of staying in Aberystwyth over the summer with my uni mates. 

What was your favourite purchase of the year and why?

I copped ‘The Essential Chomsky’ from HMV for just £3.50 – proper nice, proper bargain. Noam is the G.O.A.T and his works are ever relevant and applicable to the mass media of today and have been super influential in the shaping of my own global perspective.

What’s a valuable lesson that you’ve learnt this year?

Distinguishing intuition from anxiety.

Sum up 2021 for you in 3 words.

Challenging. Healing. Change.

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