EV Yearbook 2021 – Abi Daniels

Quote:  “Is Edinburgh on the same land as England?” 

What’s been your favourite marketing trend of 2021?

I love how TikTok has become more accessible and is has curated a world of its own. 

Your favourite cultural moment?

Euro2020, the fact England got to the FINALS!

Fave EV moment?

My fave EV moment must was when we took our Christmas card pictures at Tara’s house. It all started off as a joke, us making a Kardashian style Christmas card for our gift drop, but when it came to it, I found myself lying on the floor lounging on Tara and Hattie. Trying to push my eyes to the top of my head so I could appear to be looking at the camera, that was way out of my eyeline! Thankfully this image was not used on the Christmas Card!

Favourite film/television series of 2021?

Ugly Betty! Old time classic, I re-watched the whole series on Netflix and I fell in love with it all over again!

What’s a song that will always remind you of 2021?

Twinnem by Coi Leray. If you’re on TikTok you will know. 

What was your favourite purchase of the year and why?

My iPhone 13 Pro Max, I have had the iPhone 8 for 5 years and it was so slow, I’m pretty sure a brick phone was quicker than my phone. Trying to make content on that sloth of a phone was frustrating, so now I have a new phone, with an amazing camera, I’m in content heaven.

What’s a valuable lesson that you’ve learnt this year?

To never give up, at the start of this year I was a graduate with no job, struggling to get my foot in the door. But I never stopped trying, I kept pushing and I was able to land an amazing job here at EV. Not every step back is a failure, anything can be a blessing in disguised if you choose to see it. All the jobs I was rejected from, was hard at the time but lead me to EV. I’m happy I never gave up and continued to have faith!

Sum up 2021 for you in 3 words

Trials, Tribulations and Triumph!

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