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EV Loves... Insta-worthy offices

Inspiration, creativity and community and Tara's sure-fire successes for a great office.

EV Loves... a captivating read

Jodie shares how she's keeping busy during lockdown by indulging in some new books

EV Loves... Glossier

Holly shares why Glossier is her favourite example of brand building and storytelling
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EV Loves... intern, Merin

Intern, Merin, shares her time with #TeamEV and how she put her uni course into practice
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EV Loves... advice on working from home

Becky shares her tips for staying on track when working from home
Amy Marshall, EV Grow Your Own, EAST VILLAGE

EV Loves... intern, Amy

Intern, Amy, shares her experience working at EAST VILLAGE. and top tips for bagging an internship

Tara Loves... Zero Waste Shopping

The heroes helping to change our shopping habits, one step at a time
Queer Eye

Hattie Loves... Queer Eye

How the Fab Five stole this #GirlGang’s heart, one makeover at a time
Steve Bartlett

Tara Loves... Steve Bartlett

Why 'The Diary of a CEO' reinvigorate our own leader

Nicole Loves... Her New-found #MomBod

EV's Mum-to-be Nicole discusses the highs and lows of the pregnancy bod!

EV Loves... Edinburgh Gin Summer Serves

Here are the gin cocktails you should be drinking this summer!

Nicole Loves... indie baby brands

EV's mum-to-be Nicole tells us her favourite under-the-radar baby brands!

Ella loves... Looking into the Crystal Glass: Whisky Predictions for 2018!

EV's Ella discusses the whisky industry in 2018...

Ella loves... Rum's time to shine

EV's Ella discusses why 2018 is going to be the year of the rum!

Emma reviews... A Beautiful Breakfast

TeamEV was invited to Umberto Giannini’s new salon on Newhall Street. Check it out!

EV Loves... Secret Santa

See who got what in this year's Secret Santa
EAST VILLAGE PR, PR agency Birmingham, Birmingham PR agency