As we take on another ‘Blue Monday’ (which studies have alleged is the the most depressing day of the year), #TeamEV. is taking the time to enjoy some much-needed self-care. From enjoying a soak in the bath to cooking up a storm in the kitchen, we all have our own ways to kick back and relax, and today more than ever we need to ensure that we do what we enjoy and take care of ourselves.

#TeamEV. has all shared their go-to self-care routines and wind-down activities…

Hattie: “I’m not very good at relaxing (might be the eight cups of coffee a day?) so for me ‘self-care’ tends to look less like sitting down, and more like running off to B&Q to redecorate my living room on a whim… I think having these creative outlets helps me to recharge and feel productive, all at the same time!”

George: “Over the past few years, I’ve really found sanctuary in strength training at the gym. If I’m ever feeling particularly stressed or sad, a good lifting sesh with my mates usually levels me out and makes me feel so much better. Plus, to see my PB’s go up slowly over time is always super satisfying.”

Tara: “Self-care can mean different things on different days – for me, it’s anything that makes my heart happy! Sometimes this might be a long bath listening to a podcast or binging on my latest boxset obsession. It could also be spending time in the kitchen cooking up a storm or strolling around the shops looking for my next impulse purchase. When you’re not quite feeling yourself or just need some time-out, don’t let social media dictate what self-care is… do anything that makes you smile!”

Jodie: “For someone who can never sit still, for me self-care is often in the form of pampering myself – whether it be doing my nails, having a bath, or having my eyelashes done. My eyelash appointment is always the one time in the month that I know I will be relaxed and sat still for 2 hours. My lash tech will also put on some music, or a true-crime podcast, which I always enjoy!”

Holly: “Self-care is something that can be difficult to make time for, but is so beneficial for your mental health and wellbeing. Whether it’s indulging in a beauty treatment or enjoying a fancy coffee for no reason, it’s about making me-time a priority and choosing happiness! My personal go-to activity is a bath & movie night – it always helps me to relax and recharge.”

Abi: “To be honest, it depends on the week, my mood and what I have in my house! Usually, I love to de-stress by putting a detoxifying face mask on, applying a homemade hair mask then sitting back, relaxing with a Yankee candle and watching a good chick flick!”

Matt: “Pause and reflection are integral factors of self-care for me. It’s the internal assessment that helps me to process and reset. My fave self-care go to is a strange one but reiterates that reset obsession, a regular sauna and cold plunge will change your life guys. It elevates your heart rate, releases adrenaline and endorphins, leaving you feeling box-fresh. Your skin will thank you for it too.”

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