Sam joined us for two weeks at the end of August, supporting TeamEV with research, copywriting, media relations and outreach! In this EV. Loves, Sam shares everything he loved and learnt during his time at EAST VILLAGE.

During my time with the team at EAST VILLAGE., I have learnt so much about the basics of PR. This includes pitching to large media corporations, writing and editing press releases as well as developing press lists to then utilise for media outreach later down the line. 

Working with EAST VILLAGE. has really been a highlight of my summer and I hope to be able to work with you all again soon! 

My favourite part about the placement, so far would be seeing the results. For example, I’ve worked with George on pitching a press release, to then see it published in-print just a week later. As well as this, I’ve seen the excitement created in the office space when results are seen, such as coverage within The Times!

I secured my placement with EAST VILLAGE. as a result of Hattie coming into my sixth form to do a talk about PR and Marketing.

A tip that I would suggest to somebody looking for placements in PR would be to network, network, network. This industry specifically is all about who you know, and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there outside of your comfort zone. A quote that I regularly live by is “what if it went so much better than you could have ever imagined”. My time at EAST VILLAGE. is a great example of this.

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