When it comes to creative ways of getting through the pandemic, it’ll come as no surprise that one award-winning creative is trailblazing new ways to highlight the work of fellow artists.

Gita Joshi, host of the podcast The Curator’s Salon and writer of the book Show Your Art, is well known in the industry as a mentor and coach for those looking to showcase their art without having to rely on a gallery.

Having worked on more than 30 ‘real-life’ exhibitions across the UK, she is now joining forces with Create! Magazine to curate an inaugural global online event. The virtual show will feature an impressive collection of paintings, sculptures, digital, printmaking, photography and mixed media pieces handpicked by Gita. They will be made available to viewers and collectors all over the world through the Create! website, with individual selected works by each artist featuring on its social media profiles.

Gita explains:

“Over the last year we have seen far too many artists not only struggling to have their work seen but also struggling to make a living, and added to that bricks and mortar galleries have had to close their doors due to Covid restrictions. Like so many industries we have had to think outside the box and come up with new ways of sustaining our industry.

“This virtual show provides a vital lifeline for artists; they will have their work seen on a major platform across the globe and be opened up to an audience that they wouldn’t normally have access to. There is no specific theme for this inaugural event, it is open to those working in any medium, which means the pieces we will be showcasing will undoubtedly appeal to a huge cross-section of viewers.”

Since the start of the pandemic, more and more up-and-coming artists have signed up to show their work in virtual exhibitions, providing them with a unique opportunity that bridges the gap between their home country and the key global markets.

Gita continues:

“It is a common belief amongst artists that the only way to reach an audience and to sell their artwork is through art galleries. The growth in virtual shows means they are now able to reach a much bigger audience and help them be seen by art lovers and collectors in countries that have traditionally, without a big budget and connections, been very hard to break into.”

You can find out more about the Create! virtual exhibition here:

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