Industry leader, So Pure Beverage Technology, has launched the latest most advanced fresh milk tabletop coffee machine on the market, offering a unique barista experience at the touch of a button. The So Pure Ivory is shaping the future of fresh milk coffee machines with its latest milk foam temperature control technology. 

Drawing on years of experience crafting the perfect espresso, So Pure’s state-of-the-art Ivory edition boasts the very latest milk foaming technology to offer the ultimate fresh milk tabletop barista experience and taste. The Ivory option uses 100% fresh milk, giving it that unrivalled barista taste every single time. 

What’s more, the technology is opening the door for more diverse options than ever before, as plant-based alternatives perform equally as well as dairy in the machine; the Ivory machine creates perfect microfoam, no matter the type of milk. 

Microfoam is the fine-textured heated milk we have all come to know and love in our favourite coffee shops, and is used to make espresso-based drinks such as cappuccinos, flat whites and lattes. The So Pure Fresh Milk Ivory has created this same experience, thanks to its double high-end heater system, which heats the milk foam with a unique thick film technology. This gives coffee-lovers 100% control over the temperature of the foam to create a velvety smooth texture.

As any coffee aficionado will know, milk temperature is vital when pouring a great tasting and great looking coffee; that’s why the So Pure Fresh Milk Ivory boasts 16 milk foaming options to ensure it is heated to the correct temperature for the ideal micro-foam.

Suky Matharu, Managing Director, explains:

“Not only have we created an amazing fresh milk solution, but this new machine also meets the growing demand for plant-based milk. We can advise our clients on the best alternatives to use to ensure that vegan products are of the same exceptional quality as their dairy counterparts.

“In addition, we have paid particular attention to the cleaning system: the machine boasts a fully-automatic, patented cleaning and rinsing system, which is state-of-the-art. We truly believe that the Ivory changes the goal posts of the fresh milk tabletop marketplace in drinking quality, technology support and costs.”   

Based in Wolverhampton, So Pure offers an impressive range of tabletop machines boasting Swiss-made precision and design, delivering the latest in coffee technology at the touch of a button. The brand’s innovations, from design through to manufacture, align beverage technology to the progressive pace of a modern digital world, supplying commercial clients all over the globe. For details on the new So Pure Fresh Milk Ivory, please visit

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