For purpose to have meaning, businesses need to put it before profit; this is the stance that local start-up PRPSFL is pushing. However, in the hard times we find ourselves in, the list of companies proving unwilling to stick to their purpose statements when it comes to the bottom-line is ever-growing, particularly with the likes of Brexit on the horizon. That’s why PRSPFL is leading the charge across Midlands, advocating that businesses prioritise purpose as part of their overall strategy now, and reap the rewards of it later.

The Birmingham enterprise is shaking up the way we do business by encouraging corporations to put purpose first, boosting employee engagement and aiming for half a million people in the UK be more engaged at work by 2022.

PRSPFL argues that purpose-led policy makes economic sense. However, if the financial rationale for introducing it is purely profit, then companies are at risk of it backfiring, with the risk of losing authenticity. That’s why the purpose-plunge needs to be a marathon, not a sprint; embedding genuine purpose-driven ethos in business culture produces tangible results beyond just the next quarter. Statistics have proven that 85% of companies with clearly articulate purpose showed growth over three years, compared to 42% of companies without it, which showed negative growth.

Speaking about its revolutionary power, James Bolle, founder of PRPSFL, commented:

Over the past 10 years, I’ve witnessed a huge amount of companies that claim to be driven by purpose but fall foul of it once they are expected to make commercial sacrifices to deliver on purpose. I speak with certainty when I say that Purpose is what sets businesses apart, with the numbers speaking for themselves in long-haul.

“Purpose is the key factor in having more productive, happier team, who go over and above to deliver. If a business commits to purpose, the profit naturally follows.  While you can’t force someone to care about your business, it is PRPSFL’s belief that you can put systems in place to make employees want to care about your business. This attitude shift is the golden thread that ties together all areas of heightened employee experience.”

So, how do businesses start to have purpose? James is committed to showing corporates the way, and is kicking things off with an event to help the regions directors to learn about purpose beyond profit. The event will showcase more than 10 speakers from a range of backgrounds, including Rosie Ginday MBE from Miss Macaroon, Lorna Gavin from Gowling, Amardeep Gill from Trowers & Hamlins, and PRPSFL founder James Bolle himself.

I’m so looking forward to hosting the first Purpose seminar and I hope that the business leaders in the community learn a lot about how to make the first steps on their journey. We’ll explore how it is relevant and valuable for their organisations; how it will help attract loyal customers; and how to practically use purpose to drive success. What’s more, we’re living by our convictions, and as a non-profit event, each ticket sold will see £10 given directly to Suited for Success,” concluded James.

PRPSFL’s Purpose seminar will take place on 14 March from 2pm-5pm at Natwest’s Accelorator Hub. Tickets are £11.25 and are available to buy here. To find out more about what is in store for PRPSFL, check out its website:

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