EV Loves… Insta-worthy offices


It’s safe to say that the last few months has had us all talking about offices; being in the office, not being in the office, missing the office, the future of the office… the pandemic firmly has #office as a trending topic.  Just before lockdown, and still today, we shut the doors to our wonderful Colmore BID haven to work from home, and a couple of visits back to feed the fish always get me reminiscing about the daily grind that we once took for granted. We’ve always be so proud of our office; the signature blackboard walls, Pinterest-inspired décor

EV. Loves… a captivating read

Here at EV., we love to make the best out of a bad situation; whether it’s catching up on our favourite Netflix shows, attending tons of webinars, or reading that book we promised ourselves we’d read, we are in our stride with keeping busy and creative during Covid-19.  When I made a New Year’s resolution this year, I set a target to read 40 books and I didn’t think this would ever seem as easy as it does now. But as we are now encouraged to stay at home there seems nothing better than getting lost in a brilliant, captivating

EV Loves… Glossier

Glossier, EV Loves

As a team of storytellers, TeamEV can’t help but admire brands who tell their stories well. In the latest ‘EV Loves…’ Holly shares why Glossier is one of her favourite examples of brand identity and customer engagement. Few brands have successfully established a cult-like following and an instantly recognisable brand in such a short timeframe like Glossier has. Emerging in 2014, Glossier’s rise to notoriety was perfectly timed with the meteoric rise of Instagram and social media marketing. As founder of beauty blog Into The Gloss, which she began in 2010, CEO Emily Weiss’ own personal experience of influencer advertising and

EV Loves… intern, Merin

EVLoves, EV Grow Your Own, Merin Thankachan

The Masters phase is awkward – you’ve (almost) grown out of student life but you’re not termed a young professional just quite yet. I’m currently doing an MA in Public Relations at BCU and although I can’t say I was born with an innate passion for PR, working in the media industry – broadly speaking – has been of interest to me since high school. After an opportunity to interview Tara for a university assignment, I jumped at the chance to do a two-week placement at EAST VILLAGE.  During my time at EV, I learnt about some of the basics

EV Loves… advice on staying motivated when working from home

Working from home, EAST VILLAGE PR, EV Loves

By Becky Weaver There’s no easy way to say that COVID-19 is having a huge impact on us in every possible way. Not only has it put a stop to social gatherings, forcing venues across the city to close and leaving our much-loved independents shops, bars, restaurants and entertainment venues in an extremely vulnerable position, but it’s now also heavily affecting our day-to-day lives, with the majority of us working from home. Following the Government’s first press conference on Monday, COVID-19 has left a huge number of people with no choice but to work from home and introduce social distancing.

EV Loves… intern, Amy

Amy Marshall, EV Grow Your Own, EAST VILLAGE

As part of EAST VILLAGE.’s #GrowYourOwn initiative, we welcome students into EV. HQ to give them a taste of life in PR. Here, intern Amy, talks about her experience with us… I am a final year student at Birmingham City University studying Marketing, Advertising and PR. In September 2019, I took part in a professional mentoring scheme where I was allocated a mentor based upon my course and the main areas and skills that I wanted help to improve on. I had started my PR module during this semester and found myself hooked and wanted to learn more about what

Tara loves… zero waste shopping

There are a few stand-out moments from my time at Stella McCartney; Lily Allen wearing a dress (my favourite from that season’s collection) that I chose and sent to her stylist for a TV appearance, and being at the PETA event when Pamela Anderson famously stood in the store window naked are definitely up there. One of my other highlights was working on the launch of Stella Care; an organic skincare range that I think was before its time.  When it launched, little did I (or the average consumer) know about harmful parabens, petrochemicals, or just how much lipstick we

Hattie Loves… Queer Eye

Keeping up with my moniker of Queen of Reality TV(-watching), when asked for my topic of choice for EV. Loves, there really was only one front-runner… If you’ve heard the phrases ‘Serving you lewks’, ‘Get it, henny’ or (and I stress that the number of ‘A’s in the following is very, very important) ‘Yaaaaaaas queen’ reverberating around Colmore Row as of late, it’s probably because I binge-watched all the episodes of Netflix’s Queer Eye in a month and I cannot stop talking about it. Long story short, I’m *obsessed*. For anyone unfamiliar with the series, let me introduce you to

Tara Loves… Steve Bartlett

Sometimes business is tough… really tough… and running a business on your own can feel like the loneliest place on earth. Don’t get me wrong, I have the most incredible support network; not just my amazing team here but family, fiancé and supportive friends. But when the buck stops with you and you alone, it’s hard for other people to truly understand how difficult it is.  Most people say that year three is a milestone, which gives you a false sense of security that surviving those initial 1,095 days means you’re destined for an easy life. Anyone else who owns

EV. Loves… Edinburgh Gin’s Summer Serves!

  Gin might not be everyone’s go-to when it comes to an easy, refreshing summer drink… but put down the Pimms, sack off the Sangria, and let us introduce you to Edinburgh Gin’s selection of summer serves. It has already been a busy summer for the brand, after launch ‘1670’, a limited-edition collaboration with Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Working the festival scene, Edinburgh Gin headlined Birmingham Cocktail Weekend last week, and will also be a participating brand at Gin In The City (27-29 July). We spoke to Claire Sumner-Hughes at Ian Macleod Distillers, which owns Edinburgh Gin, who has picked