What to pitch in March

As we move out of the winter months and the worst of ‘hard’ lockdown measures, there’s definitely a stronger sense of hope and excitement in the air as more PR opportunities centred around the prospective return to ‘normality’ are appearing via social, digital and print media channels. To help you stay on top of this shift in attitude, TeamEV’s Holly has pulled together her round-up of what to pitch this month. Not to be that person, but can you believe it’s already March?! As we approach the spring, it’s time to jump into action and stay ahead of both short-lead

What to pitch in February

What should you be pitching to journalists during February? Whether you’re looking for last minute, short-lead or long-lead opportunities, it pays to stay ahead of the curve and consider key seasonal awareness dates, rising trends and reactive opportunities during these last few weeks of winter. Now that we’ve navigated through the initial wave of ‘new year, new you’ angles and annual trend forecasts that make up the majority of ops and features for January, many other important milestones are coming up within the first quarter of 2021 consider. TeamEV’s Holly has pulled out her picks to help you navigate your

How to pitch to product pages

Pitch to product pages, PR tips

Getting a product featured in a newspaper, magazine or online is a great way to raise brand awareness and drive traffic to your website and social media channels. Whether it’s a regular product page, such as Stylist’s The Style List, or a listicle – eg. this season’s must-have trench coats – this kind of coverage can provide a real boost to your PR efforts. So how do you pitch to product pages? Whilst there’s no guaranteed formula for success, here are a few tips to get you ahead with your product launch PR plans…  Know your audience This might seem obvious

The most effective way to work with influencers

Influencer marketing

Working on your influencer marketing strategy but not sure where to start? Still trying to figure out what your ‘ask’ is and how to approach them? Not sure what it costs, if anything at all?  Whether you’re a small business owner looking to build your brand; a marketer trying to reach new customers; or managing social media accounts and working on engagement; it’s likely that your ‘to do’ list includes influencer marketing. Devising an influencer marketing strategy, no matter how big or small, can be the key to success but as it’s still a relatively new element of the Marketing Mix,

How to write a press release

Press release template, How to write a press release, Guide to writing a press release

The humble press release… often considered the ‘bread and butter’ of the PR world, but a skill that shouldn’t be taken for granted.  The press release will often be your first interaction with a journalist, so it’s a pretty important set of words, and getting it right is crucial. It’s part of ‘PR 101’ – the first thing that’s taught to every member of EAST VILLAGE. when they join the team, and something that has helped us land thousands of pieces of media coverage over the years. From national newspapers and weekend supplements, to glossy magazines, trade publications, blog posts,

EV. Insight… How to get a journalist to cover your story during Covid-19


As we continue to move through the weeks of lockdown, there’s simply no denying that journalists will be pushed to the limits in ensuring that readers remain up to date with the essential news surrounding Covid-19. In our latest EV. Insight, Becky tells you how to get a journalist to cover your story. Pitching to a journalist can be a very tricky business; I can tell you this, because I’ve now experienced it from both sides. Yet, in the midst of the pandemic, building and maintaining relationships with journalists and getting them to cover your story is more important now,

EV.Insight – Will consumers turn these temporary trends into everyday expectations?

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It’s safe to say that, whilst living miles apart, TeamEV is seeing a host of lockdown trends emerging and its inspiring us to share useful PR advice. As well as spending every day speaking on Slack and video calling each other just to say “hi”, we’re all obsessed with house plants, taking Insta-worthy pictures on our daily walks, and planning our next meal. Self-care is on the up and work/life balance seems more realistic than ever. New hobbies are forming with quizzes, jigsaws and, of course, baking becoming part of everyday life.  Of course, not everyone is experiencing lockdown in

EV. Insight… Making the most of social media during lockdown

Though it may seem strange with everything that is currently happening to think about your marketing strategy, social media really remains the key for many businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever, it can be used as not just a way to keep your business front-of-mind, but ensure it remains relevant in what we’re all calling the “new normal”. But when are the best times to post on social media? Doubling-down on social media has never been easier, now that the world seems to have slowed down a little. It gives you more time to build relationships with new

EV Insight… Managing your mental health during lockdown

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Right now, it’s hard to predict where we’ll be in three weeks’ time. As I’m typing this from my makeshift office in my parents’ home in Shropshire, the UK – and the world – is slowly coming to a standstill. Managing mental health in PR is a big issue and now it’s an epidemic sweeping the nation. None of us saw COVID-19 coming, nor did any of us believe that it would ever get to the point where we’re all restricted in how many times we can leave our homes in each day, and the sheer urgency of how many lives