EV Loves… Glossier

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As a team of storytellers, TeamEV can’t help but admire brands who tell their stories well. In the latest ‘EV Loves…’ Holly shares why Glossier is one of her favourite examples of brand identity and customer engagement. Few brands have successfully established a cult-like following and an instantly recognisable brand in such a short timeframe like Glossier has. Emerging in 2014, Glossier’s rise to notoriety was perfectly timed with the meteoric rise of Instagram and social media marketing. As founder of beauty blog Into The Gloss, which she began in 2010, CEO Emily Weiss’ own personal experience of influencer advertising and


Evolve Social Enterprise Lead Taylor Barrett

Evolve has created its first Social Enterprise Lead role and is welcoming long-serving team member, Taylor Barrett, into the position. With two cafés, three years and numerous awards to its name, the social enterprise is entering a new dawn with Taylor at the helm, which it hopes will see a period of tremendous growth… and even another venue. Since opening its doors in 2017, Evolve has helped provide young people facing barriers to employment with training, qualifications and job opportunities. Created by addiction support charity Aquarius, Evolve has since gone on to help 28 young people, offering over 1,000 hours

EV Loves… intern, Merin

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The Masters phase is awkward – you’ve (almost) grown out of student life but you’re not termed a young professional just quite yet. I’m currently doing an MA in Public Relations at BCU and although I can’t say I was born with an innate passion for PR, working in the media industry – broadly speaking – has been of interest to me since high school. After an opportunity to interview Tara for a university assignment, I jumped at the chance to do a two-week placement at EAST VILLAGE.  During my time at EV, I learnt about some of the basics

EV Insight… Managing your mental health during lockdown

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By Becky Weaver Right now, it’s hard to predict where we’ll be in three weeks’ time. As I’m typing this from my makeshift office in my parents’ home in Shropshire, the UK – and the world – is slowly coming to a standstill.  None of us saw COVID-19 coming, nor did any of us believe that it would ever get to the point where we’re all restricted in how many times we can leave our homes in each day, and the sheer urgency of how many lives the virus is affecting daily. While I’m used to working for the comfort


In light of the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic, the world of work has never seemed so uncertain. Despite emergency government support being pledged to ease the threat of unemployment, many are still finding themselves without jobs as coronavirus grinds our every-day existence to a halt. However, determined to help educate, retrain, and upskill those who find themselves at a loose end, distance learning provider Oxbridge is supporting learners, with the launch of a fund that gives new students 20% off course fees across the board. Believing that education should never be restricted, Oxbridge has been turning any room into a classroom

EV Insight… Keeping comms strong in a time of crisis, and beyond

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By Tara Tomes Well, there’s certainly no doubt that the past week has been different… unsettling, challenging and anxiety-inducing. We are living in, what has become the buzzword of Covid-19, “unprecedented” times and we have no choice but to adapt. Every business and business owner – big and small – is feeling the same level of pressure… Will we keep our clients and customers? Can I pay the team? Will my business survive this? TeamEV has spent the past week helping reassure our clients and, where we can, answer some of those questions. Our focus has been on some of the key


The world is waking up to find itself in an unprecedented situation: with governments urging offices to adopt working from home where possible, advising against unnecessary travel, and suggesting that people avoid mass gatherings, it feels harder than ever to be in business. However, whilst these times are trying, the West Midlands’ leading digital agency, Explode Social Media, is adamant that it is an opportunity for businesses to make the jump to digitising its communications, selling streams, and customer relations. Lindi Mngaza, the managing director at Explode Social Media, has launched a service to help businesses navigate these ever-changing times.

EV Loves… advice on staying motivated when working from home

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By Becky Weaver There’s no easy way to say that COVID-19 is having a huge impact on us in every possible way. Not only has it put a stop to social gatherings, forcing venues across the city to close and leaving our much-loved independents shops, bars, restaurants and entertainment venues in an extremely vulnerable position, but it’s now also heavily affecting our day-to-day lives.  Following the Government’s first press conference on Monday, COVID-19 has left a huge number of people with no choice but to work from home and introduce social distancing. As a former freelance journalist, I have no


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It goes without saying that whilst the Coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented crisis, we’re all looking for answers, nonetheless. The advice is changing daily, which means that businesses are having to adapt quickly, but when we look to our European neighbours – particularly Italy and Spain – we can anticipate some of the measures that will come into place across the UK. Public fear, hospitality venues being told to close, gatherings (small and large) being discouraged and banned… this all means the coming months will be challenging for us all.  With footfall not coming through the door, revenue will suffer,


From gendered depictions of scientific careers to a lack of female representation at top-tier level for engineering roles, the world of STEM can still seem to be a boys’ club from the outside looking in. However, stats are suggesting that a seismic shift may be on its way, with results showing for the first time ever that more women than men have studied sciences for A-Levels. Determined to push this further and keep the ball rolling, top distance learning provider, Oxbridge, is leading the charge for women studying maths, revealing figures significantly higher than the national average. Despite female students