Over 820,000
Instagram impressions
Nearly 14,000
organic launch engagements
award wins in year one
20+ pieces
of launch press coverage


We’re passionate about working with small businesses and start-ups with a purpose, and we were appointed as health PR experts to deliver strategic communications for CHOICE CBD in 2020. Recent reports indicated that over six million adults have tried CBD products in an attempt to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. With the first Covid-19 lockdown firmly highlighting the importance of prioritising your health and wellbeing, CHOICE CBD was perfectly poised to launch its e-commerce store offering premium products that are 100% organic, vegan and cruelty-free.


With years of experience delivering health PR campaigns, we were onboarded by the CHOICE team ahead of their website launch, we were tasked with launching and managing their social media channels, creating engaging content, and navigating and capitalising on key industry trends.

Alongside identifying key influencers and partnership opportunities that would help to increase brand awareness and support CHOICE’s growth and new product launches. We were also instructed to plan and execute an effective PR and marketing campaign that focused on pitching to key print, broadcast and online media to help spread the word of the brand’s launch, ethos and USPs.

Working together

As we started to get into the heart of CHOICE’s business strategy, we created a six-month comms and marketing plan that would inform our activity during the crucial launch period. This plan included key milestones and business dates, and identified opportunities for PR hooks and journalist engagement. In addition, we also outlined the launch and growth strategy for CHOICE’s social media channels; from engaging, organic content, through to paid ads.

Key tactics

We capitalised on lockdown and the increased interest in health and wellness products, building on our existing relationships with health editors and tapping into the growing CBD market. As part of our six-month comms plan, we identified the short and long lead opportunities available to us; from gift guides and product page placement, through to reviews and thought-leadership articles. We also looked at an approach that helped put a new spin on CBD; from its mental health qualities, to the benefits to sports enthusiasts and athletes. This targeted PR approach also helped with new product launches, as we could plan and manage which audiences to target with specific products.

Adding value

Using our extensive experience delivering health PR campaigns, we were also on hand to provide feedback on packaging and concepts, suggest gifting opportunities, and able to create and distribute both physical and digital marketing resources and materials. As the brand name started to build, we also actioned a strategy that focused on partnerships with key influencers, helping to bring some on board as ambassadors.



Measuring success

As a start-up, we knew the importance of communication for CHOICE, so we had bi-weekly calls and provided monthly activity reports to help outline our activity to the sales and marketing director, as well as the investors. We had to be adaptable, changing to suit the needs of the team: quickly creating campaign plans for new product launches, to ensure that they didn’t miss any key opportunities. All of this happening during lockdown, as businesses and brands were navigating the start of the pandemic.


EAST VILLAGE.’s work with CHOICE saw the premium CBD start-up enjoy wide-reaching coverage – from key regional titles, through to national consumer press and trade titles. We helped CHOICE secure global recognition with a trio of award-wins in the internationally recognised 2020 Cannavist Awards: the brand took home 1st place in the Best CBD Manufacturer or Distributor category, 2nd place in Online Retailer category and 3rd place in the Best Tincture category, for its 10% Repair terpene blend.

The combination of health PR and targeted social media allowed us to deliver a variety of both paid-for and organic content, and help CHOICE convert content impressions into not only retail sales, but also repeat and loyal customers. By the end of 2020, CHOICE’s organic Instagram reach totalled 647K, with total impressions exceeding 820K and organic content engagements totalling over 13.7K.

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