As the summer holiday approaches, Pawprint Family is proud to bring Shaun the Sheep to their growing collection of badges and challenge packs. Based on the beloved character from Aardman, the new product is a part of their ongoing mission to help spread the message of the countryside code, gifting more young people the confidence to explore the countryside this summer.

Partnering with Natural England and Aardman, Pawprint Family have co-produced a brand-new exciting challenge pack and reward badge with a countryside twist.

Founded by experienced Ranger and Explorer duo, Charlotte and Jamie Russell, Pawprint Family has become the leading brand for creating high-quality, collectable embroidered and enamel pin badges, designing trails, tales, and activity resources that support youth leaders, teachers, and parents.

According to figures from The Children’s People and Nature Survey for England 2022, findings revealed that roughly 83% of children and young people agreed that looking after the environment was important to them and expressed wanting to do more to help look after the environment.

The trailblazing partnership aims to bridge the gap between children and the countryside with the brand-new Shaun the Sheep Countryside Code Challenge Pack and Badge, offering a unique and engaging opportunity for children to learn and embrace the principles of the countryside code in a fun and interactive way.

Pawprint Family, the creators behind the challenge pack and reward badge, has co-designed 40 different tailored activities with Natural England, to help encourage young people to explore the outdoors and learn the countryside code messages of Respect, Protect and Enjoy; taking the story beyond the pages and making it engaging for the whole family.

Calling for more young people to embrace the outdoors this summer, Charlotte Russell, co-founder of Pawprint Family, said:

“The Shaun the Sheep Countryside Code Challenge Pack and badge is not only an exciting moment for us to partner with Natural England and Aardman, but an exciting opportunity for young children across the UK to embark on outdoor adventures while learning about the importance of the countryside.

“Our goal is to inspire and empower the next generation to explore and appreciate nature, instilling in them the values of Respecting, Protecting and Enjoying the countryside. Through the engaging activities and interactive learning in the challenge pack, we aim to bridge the gap between children and their connection to the great outdoors, fostering a love for the environment and a sense of responsibility for its preservation.”

Young adventurers exploring the pack for the first time will have access to an abundance of activities at their fingertips. From learning all about the main countryside signs to understanding how food is grown and makes it way to the table, the challenge pack has been designed by all three partners to teach the next generation about the countryside code.

Speaking on the partnership and challenge pack, Johnny Janiszewski, Campaign Manager at Natural England, added:

“The partnership with Pawprint Family and the launch of the Shaun the Sheep Countryside Code Challenge Pack and Badge align perfectly with Natural England’s mission to encourage more young people to explore and appreciate the countryside. This innovative resource provides a fun and interactive way for children to learn about the countryside code and develop a deeper understanding of the natural world. Shaun the Sheep and his endearing friends are the perfect illustration for the next generation of explorers on how to respect, protect and enjoy nature, whether in parks in towns and cities, at the seaside or in the countryside.”

For those looking to get their paws on the baa-rilliant Shaunthe Sheep Countryside Code Challenge Pack and badge, visit Pawprint Family today to download the free resource and begin their outdoor adventures –

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