Diving into the world of art, Kitchen Gallery SieMatic will host the city’s very first aquarium exhibition next month. The ViDERE Life Gallery will showcase aquariums and living art pieces from 3 to 8 December, in a bid to demonstrate how our homes can benefit from going au naturel.  

Asking the question if ‘Nature is ART?!’, each piece is entirely unique and brings together aspects of architecture, horticulture and interior design. The ViDERE Life Gallery will feature aquascaped aquariums, LiFE Bowls, and the very first public showing of ViDERE ART.

While they are stunning, there’s more to these than meets the eye; these aquariums are fully-functioning, housing fish and plant-life in a thriving environment. Akil Beckford, the director of ViDERE, is looking forward bringing the exhibit to Kitchen Gallery SieMatic. He commented:

It’s exciting to be part of a city first, especially as I’ve been working on perfecting these pieces for so many months now. I’m a firm believer that there’s so much we can gain from the living world and I hope the ViDERE Life Gallery shows just how much potential there is when looking to integrate nature our homes, offices, and public spaces. I can’t wait to share the ViDERE vision with the city, and I hope Birmingham likes them as much as I do!

Not only are the ViDERE pieces crafted to be beautifully eye-catching, but the installations have deep roots in wellness. Studies have shown that designs incorporating nature in their form and features have long-term health benefits on the well-being of those around them.

To complement this, Kitchen Gallery SieMatic will be running a week’s worth of workshops during the exhibition, in association with Mailbox Birmingham, Gaggenau, and Harvey Nichols. The daily events will focus on wellness in the home and achieving healthy lifestyle, while also upskilling attendees with lessons in aquarium design, indoor planting, floral design, and cooking.

Tahir Mahmood CEO from Kitchen Gallery SieMatic, said:

We’re so proud to be hosting this innovative showcase for ViDERE. SieMatic believes in pushing the boundaries when it comes to what the perfect house looks like and this is the perfect example of that. No-one should settle for anything other than extraordinary when it comes to their home and we hope that this inspires more people to push the boat out.

To see the full events line up and to sign up for tickets, visit

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