Birmingham-based Explode Social Media has become one of the first creative agencies in the UK to start accepting crypto currency as payment in exchange for its services, including content creation, PPC and more. With its total revenue rocketing by 46% within the past 12 months, this latest move to diversify its income streams comes after a period of tremendous growth for the business.

Having begun work with one of the leading ethical directories of plant-based and sustainable businesses, VeganNation, to elevate its social media presence earlier this year, Explode Social Media has now taken the plunge to accept its crypto currency, GRNC (GreenCoin) as payment.

Renowned for its innovative approach to social media marketing since its inception in 2017, Explode is one of the region’s fastest growing agencies offering bespoke marketing and communication campaigns for leading UK brands such as Living Proof and The Little Blanket Shop.

Commenting on the bold move, Managing Director and founder of Explode Social Media – Lindi Mgnaza said:

“We are delighted to be one of the first agencies in the UK to now accept crypto currency as payment. Our acceptance of GRNC shows we not only believe in the longevity of crypto currencies, as they become increasingly more mainstream, but that we only want facilitate a currency that contributes to the protection of the planet we live on, for ourselves and future generations.

“With GRNC, its USP is that the currency is underpinned by a set of values and ideals that mirror our own as a business, with sustainability at the core of this. In my view, it’s inevitable that we see a wider adoption of  crypto currencies; and  in terms of us accepting more currencies in the future, never say never!”

Founded by Isaac Thomas, VeganNation is a comprehensive ecosystem uniting people, businesses, and organisations to empower consumers and enable the discovery, sharing, and purchasing of plant-based and conscious-consumer goods and services. It includes an app, business directory, and GRNC (GreenCoin).

Financial Director of Explode – Mike Halliday – added:

“As the business continues to grow at a furious pace, we want to continue to be market leaders within our field and have never been a business to shy away from disrupting the norm. When this opportunity first presented itself, we carefully considered all potential outcomes and for us, the belief in GRNC outweighed the risks associated with treading new ground.

“Whilst digital currencies have been met with scepticism and suspicion in the past because of their volatile nature, it’s our belief that as currencies become more regulated and widely accepted, the number of companies prepared to invest will only grow and we want to be at the forefront of this momentum.”

Explode Social Media is a Birmingham-based social media agency that specialises in services including paid and influencer marketing, content creation shoots, PPC campaigns and multi-channel marketing campaigns. To find out more, visit

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